White and Black Wallpaper, Modern Interior Decorating Ideas

white and black wallpaper for modern living room design


White and black wallpaper is a way to add contrasts to toom decor with neutral colors and create dynamic and modern interior decorating color schemes. Black and white wallpaper patterns are stylish decorative accents that create depth, balancing living space and visually changing proportions.

White and black wallpaper designs bring interesting patterns and decorating ideas into modern home interiors, highlighting existing furnishings, furniture and room decor accessories in other colors, and providing attractive background in neutral colors.

Black and white wallpapers and fabric designs are perfect for dramatic and personal interior decorating ideas that look impressive and timeless. Black and white room decorating color schemes are one of popular modern interior design trends for 2012. Floral and striped, abstract and horizontal white and black wallpaper patterns, that visually increase living spaces, look especially elegant and attractive.

Interior decorating with black and white wallpapers

White and black wallpaper patterns are fun to work with. Black and white fabrics and modern wallpaper designs add elegance to room decor, bringing stylish and fresh accents into modern interior decorating and a sense of novelty to room design. Beautiful wallpapers in black and white color combination are never boring, decorating walls, ceiling or furniture with energizing contrasts in style.

Unconvencional ways of interior decorating with beautiful wallpapers in black and white can refresh your furniture pieces, which seem dated or lacking any interest. A dresser in your entryway or bedroom storage cabinet can be dramatically transformed into stylish modern furniture with black and white wallpapers.

Black and white wallpaper patterns look great on the wall, ceiling or closet door. Bright contrasts, neutral color scheme and interesting wallpaper patterns add fun accents to room decor, matching and highlighting existing home furnishings, furniture upholstery fabrics and room decor accessories in other colors.

Mirror frames and furniture decoration with small pieces of beautiful wallpapers in black and white colors make unusual and modern interior decorating ideas feel more personal and artistic. Mixing striped and floral, polka dot, abstract or geometric black and white wallpaper patterns are easy. Black and white designs work well together.

Many modern black and white wallpaper patterns encourage kids to write and draw on wallpaper, developing their imagination and having fun, while adding more color to their room decor.

Modern wallpaper for kids room decorating, black wallpaper patterns

Kids room decor, black and white wallpapers with playful shadows

Darker modern wallpaper in black and white can help ground the room. The black color will not overtake your room space, but add an elegant and classy dark accent to interior decorating. The white color brings light and balance, filling modern interior design with dynamic energy and contrasts, emphasizing home furnishings, – furniture and room decor accessories in other colors.

Black wallpaper for mysterious room decor

Black and white room desgn ideas

Modern white and black wallpaper patterns

Beautiful b;ack and white wallpapers offer eye catching, interesting and modern interior decorating ideas. White and black wallpaper patterns include geometric designs that are great for interior decorating in retro style. Floral wallpaper patterns in white, black or soft gray color shades create a tender feminine room look.

Black color for teen bedroom wall decorating

Zebra prints make wonderful small wall decorations and look interesting as wallpaper borders. More white than black wallpaper patterns can be used for unusual and stylish ceiling design, creating a fascinating interior decorating effect.

Modern wallpaper patterns and wall stickers with frames

One wall decoration with dramatic black and white wallpaper, creating decorative wall panels or using beautiful wallpapers for decorating a part of the wall are ways to add striking contrasts with neutral colors to your modern interior decorating ideas, creating intimate and comfortable, unique and interesting room decor.

  by Ena Russ   

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