Unique Furniture Design Ideas, Luxurious Furniture Collection by Brad Pitt and Frank Pollaro

coffee table with zigzag base

The first furniture collection designed by Brad Pitt started with the bed in Art Decor style that looks like an ocean liner and features a lustrous tropical-hardwood frame. Now to decide which of  furniture design ideas to produce Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and furniture producer Frank Pollaro regularly get together for meetings lasting anywhere from seven to ten hours.

The actor turned to furniture design, creating a collection that consists of 12 items and includes a bed, a dining table and various side tables and coffee tables, one of which has a base, covered with 24-carat gold, a pair of club chairs and Statuario Venato marble bath for two.

The ocean liner bed is amazing. Refinements include exposed nickel trusses to support the king-size mattress, integrated shagreen foot pads, and nickel side tables with silk-under-glass tops that seem more suited for cocktails than alarm clocks.

Unique furniture collection

Luxurious ocean liner-shaped bed made of exotic wood, unique furniture design

It took more than two years to make the bed, because of difficult physics and engineering issues related to the simplicity of the design. Once it was completed, Brad Pitt decided to exhibit the bed and the entire collection of unique furniture.

Pitt and Pollaro embodied the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail. Only nine beds will be made, each in different materials. Geometric lines in the case of a 17-foot-long wood dining table create a dramatic table base with zigzags at unexpected angles.

Dining table with geometric metal base and semi-transparent top, creative furniture design idea
Glass top coffee table design with spiral base, modern furniture design

Unique furniture design ideas

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