Unique Coffee Tables Personalizing LIving Room Designs with Meaningful Letters

wood furniture and wooden letter decorations for modern living rooms

Unique furniture for modern living rooms, wooden coffee tables and letter decorations


Modern living room designs can be personalized with personal letters in many creative ways. Lushome presents unique coffee tables that look like gigantic wooden letters and add strong character to interior design. The unusual small coffee tables can be arranged together creating a large coffee table with meaningful letters. This is an interesting and unique furniture design idea that gives a great inspiration for DIY projects and creative living room designs.

Unique furniture design brings flair and originality into modern living rooms. Wood letter coffee tables are one of  attractive and surprising ways to give a finishing touch to modern living room designs. These coffee tables are functional and very decorative. The unique furniture items can enhance modern living room designs by bringing lots of meaning into interiors.

Wood letter coffee tables are comfortable and convenient. These unique furniture pieces allow to transform living room designs and create various furniture arrangements with lots of horizontal surfaces to use for tableware, books or decorations, enhancing relaxing and pleasant living room designs.

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Modern coffee tables blending wicker baskets into unique furniture design

Letter shaped wooden coffee tables

Unique furniture for modern living rooms, wooden coffee tables and letter decorations

Small coffee tables can form one big surface creating a stunning centerpiece for modern living room design and decorating. Letter-shaped coffee tables help create comfortable, functional and spacious living rooms while personalizing modern interiors with meaningful designs.

50 cm height, made ​​of natural wood veneer and coated with varnish, the coffee tables bring the beauty of natural wood, gorgeous texture and color into modern living rooms, enhancing the inviting furniture placement. The wood furniture pieces from Russian company Interius Lab, www.interiuslab.com/ are original, stylish and inspiring.

Wooden letters for modern living room designs

A new wood furniture technology can produce beautiful and unique furniture for living rooms in all sizes. Letter shaped coffee tables, stools, ottomans, wall shelves and wood letter decorations can bring the nice, meaningful and very personal decorating theme into modern living room designs.

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Wooden coffee tables with stain resistant sliding top cover

Letter shaped objects are attractive and versatile, suitable for bedroom decorating and kids room designs. Functional wooden objects can take various forms, becoming the elements of the puzzle, or bring geometric shapes into beautiful and creative room designs.

Wood furniture, small coffee tables and side tables

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