Trendy Color Combinations for Modern Interior Design in Blue and Yellow

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room design and decorating with yellow and blue colors


Blue and yellow color combinations look peaceful, warm and balanced. Blue color is versatile, perfect for modern interior design in any season. Yellow color shades add warmth to blue and yellow color combinations, creating sunny atmosphere in fall and winter. Lushome shares a few great interior design ideas that demonstrate how stylish blue and yellow color combinations transform rooms.

Medium and light blue color tones, mixed with golden colors and sunny yellow color shades offer fabulous, playful, pleasant and modern color combinations for interior design and home decorating. Here are amazing interiors in yellow and blue that look elegant, bright and cheerful.

Yellow and blue color combinations are comfortable for living rooms and bedrooms. Yellow and blue color shades and tones are suitable for kids rooms and kitchens, bathrooms and dining rooms. Bedroom design and decor in yellow and blue colors look very inviting and harmonious.

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Modern interior design in blue and yellow color combinations

Dining room decorating in rich golden and blue colors

Yellow and blue colors have an incredible amount of various tones and shades, allowing to create fabulous color combinations for modern interior design and home decorating. Melon yellow shades and pale yellow color tones are great for bringing a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Blue color accents can help balance bedroom design and decor and add details in blue colors that please your man.

Wall design and decor in warm yellow color create comfort, warmth and coziness. Children bedroom design and decor by Clean Design is a great example of using these colors in modern interior design and creating beautiful kids bedroom decorating. Bright yellow color shades and rich blue color are the wonderful interior design color combinations for bedroom in a tropical style.

Living room design and decor in blue and yellow color combination

Cool blue color tones or turquoise blue colors can be used for walls. Bright accents in mango yellow color shades look fabulous with blue walls and decor items, creating comfort and harmony. Light yellow color shades and blue color tones add elegant touches to nautical decor themes, and enrich modern interior design with natural and pleasant feel.

Colorful interior design in yellow and blue colors

Modern interior decorating with yellow color

Neutral colors for walls and bright accents in yellow and blue colors are another beautiful option for modern interior design and home decorating. Living room with walls in a light neutral color can be spiced up with rich blue and yellow color accents, creating interesting contrasts and filling a space with energy. Medium and light gray color tones, pale green and creamy hues allow to move away from traditional white paint colors and add character to modern interior design.

Blue and yellow color combination for bedroom decor, green wall paint color, yellow ceiling paint color

Gray color tones are very stylish and popular neutral colors that bring depth and elegance into modern interior design. Yellow and blue color schemes work well with gray color and look charming in any room. Yellow and blue color combinations are a wonderful way to experiment with color design and create unique, stunning and glamorous mix of room colors.

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Golden colors and turquoise blue colors look especially expensive, chic and romantic. Turquoise blue color can create a stunning backdrop, furniture and decor accessories in golden colors, combined with beautiful lighting fixtures, add brightness, glamorous look and expensive feel to modern interior design, creating charming and gorgeous rooms.

Living room design in yellow and blue colors with red accents

Blue and yellow color combinations can be enhanced by adding different colors. Kids rooms and kitchen design will appear bold ad playful when blue and yellow color schemes include various tones, shades, neutral colors and complimenting accents. Blue and yellow color combinations can be changed dramatically by adding other colors, which enhance the effect of the harmonious and pleasant mix and create cheerful atmosphere while personalizing interior design.

Yellow and blue color combination for modern kitchen design
Dining room decorating with yellow wallpaper and blue paint
Dining furniture in turquoise blue and yellow colors

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