Modern Interior Decorating with Yellow Color, Cheerful Interior Decor Ideas

yellow paint and black and white decor



Yellow painting or decorating walls with yellow wallpaper, using light and rich yellow color shades add warm and cozy accents to modern interior decorating. Lighter shades of yellow color, applied to the ceiling create cheerful and light, pleasant and modern interior decor.

Yellow color feels vibrant and bold. Shades of yellow color are great for a real punch. Blue and white accents pop against the bright yellow wall paint, kitchen cabinets or decorated with yellow wallpaper patterns walls, creating cozy and impressive modern interior decor.

Sunny stripes are attractive and modern wallpaper patterns. Yellow stripes look wonderful with white, light blue or light green wall paint colors also. Yellow stripes on decorative accessories create an elongating effect and give the appearance of larger dimensions.

Yellow walls and home furnishings

Yellow paint and wall art for modern living room decorating

Variegated stripes of modern wallpaper bring subtle pattern into modern interior decorating. Golden yellow wallpaper patterns or yellow paint can be complimented by white, blue and green home accessories.

Canary yellow paint and gold wallpaper,  yellow home decorations, decorative fabrics and wall art in bright yellow color shades look cheerful. Bright yellow paint colors, modern gold wallpaper patterns and home furnishings in yellow colors give the space an eternally sunny disposition, especially  if you decorate dark corners.

White and yellow wallpaper pattern with stripes, modern interior decor ideas

Yellow paint colors and  wallpaper is a way to create distinctly different, warm and modern interior decor. Green and blue colors, combined with shades of yellow color, create inviting and inspiring interior decorating color schemes.

Yellow color for interior decorating, color phychology

Yellow paint for walls or kitchen cabinets add a sunny feel. Green and blue colors add freshness and balance modern interior decorating with yellow color shades.

Yellow painting and blue wall decorations, sunny and modern living room decorating ideas

Yellow home accessories, throw blankets and decorative pillows, rugs and wall art, vases and curtains add more interest to interior decor with white walls, bringing various patterns and textures into modern interior decorating.

Yellow paint colors, 6 modern interior decorating color combinations

Off white paint, wallpaper patterns ad home furnishings in soft white and gray colors keep the bright shades of yellow color from overpowering interior decor. Green and blue colors, stylish purple and pink add character to interior decor and create bright, optimistic and colorful interior decorating.

Floral living room furniture upholstery fabric, yellow furniture, decoratibe pillows and yellow curtains

Yellow glaze gives wall decoration a translucent look creating airy interior decor. Vibrant light yellow painting or wallpaper patterns on one or all walls provide a sunny backdrop for white, gray or colorful home furnishings.

Yellow room decorating, sunny and happy designs

Feng Shui decorating with yellow color shades

According to ancient Feng Shui decorating philosophy, yellow colors symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. The sunny and warm color is supported by yang energy. Yellow paint colors symbolize carefree style, fun, warmth and light.

Yellow home decorations, crochet accessories for Feng Shui home decorating

Although in Europe bright yellow color shades are the symbol of jealousy, betrayal and cowardice, light shades of yellow color and deep golden colors are popular for interior decorating. Yellow paint colors and modern wallpaper, decorative fabrics and golden yellow home decorations look pleasant, luxurious and warm to all.

Yellow color shades stimulate body, improves health and mood, Feng Shui home decorating experts suggest. Modern interior decorating with yellow color creates bright and welcoming, warm and cheerful interior decor for happy people.

  by Ena Russ   

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