Top Home Extensions Giving Modern Touches to House Designs

glass wall design

Glass home extension, Cottage on the Point by Bernier Architecte, Canada


Modern house extensions not only increase living spaces but improve house designs. Wood, glass, steel, and concrete are beautiful materials that add a contemporary vibe to modern house extensions and help blend the structures with homes and surrounding landscapes. Here is the Lushome collection of inspiring ideas if you need to add more space to your home.

Sooner or later, many homeowners decide to stretch their living spaces and extend the house. A bright veranda, a closed porch, or a new kitchen interior, a house addition is a versatile building idea that increases living spaces and blends house designs with the surroundings.

Glass addition gives a contemporary touch to the Victorian home

Beautiful home addition, house renovation, interior redesign

Inspiring sunrooms and patio enclosures

Modern house extension ideas

Contemporary home addition, glass tower by Java Architecture, Paris

An extension near the main entrance creates a grand front entry, but most people expand their homes into backyards. Check out the contemporary, creative, and beautiful design ideas in the collection to see what approach to extending your home is the best for you.

Modern home additions, attractive design materials

Beautiful outdoor rooms

Glass dining room, design ideas to stretch living spaces

Practical design ideas and attractive materials create beautiful house extensions in various styles. The choice of building and finishing materials is up to you, but adding more living space to your home is always a great way to improve your lifestyle and home organization.

Modern house design, glass extension
Modern house extension, Ecuador
Contemporary interior design, home addition
House extension, modern architectural designs
Home extension, interior design
The Sisters house extension
Samarkand house renovation, home addition
Casa Mirador addition
Home extension, house design, Austin
Metal and glass home extensions

Contemporary architectural interiors, home addition, Concrete Plinth House by DGN Studio
Contemporary design, glass home addition
Chen Suchart Studio design, Home renovation, addition
Home extension, modern house design
Modern house extension, California
Californian home extension by Geoffrey Von Oeyen Interiors Architecture
Art Deco house addition by PK Architectos, Argentina
Casa Nido by PK Architectos, home addition, interior design
Glass home extension, Cottage on the Point by Bernier Architecte, Canada

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