Modern House Design, Beautiful Additions and Stylish Materials for Modern Interior Design

contemporary interior

Wooden shelves


North Toronto House is the design by Asquith Architects. The home renovation project created the beautiful living spaces in North Toronto. The redesign began with a simple addition to the rear of the house; then the home renovation project became bigger.

The new addition to the kitchen and sitting area on the ground floor add contemporary home interiors which are functional and spacious. The master suite and balcony on the second floor offer charming living spaces for rest.

Glass addition giving a contemporary look to the old house

Bright kitchen addition and stylish accents, modern interior design

Glass addition adding a contemporary vibe to bright, modern interiors

Modern interior design

Contemporary home, outdoor dining area, patio

New white oak cabinetry and flooring set the energetic tone for the airy, filled with light, modern interiors. Bookshelves and display cases serve as subtle room dividers and beautiful decorations for modern interior design.

Contemporary addition changing the old stone house design

Glass addition to the old house, Victorian home renovation

Inspiring glass additions, old home renovation ideas

Accents such as Carrara marble, concrete cladding, glass, stainless steel hardware, and black slate tiles complement the beautiful material palette while creating contrasts in textures and enhancing the interior color schemes.

Modern living room design with large windows

Fireplace design

Wooden shelves

Wood and glass staircase design

Master bedroom window, wood bench

Dining room and kitchen

Wood cabinets and shelving units

COntemporary kitchen island

Wood bar stools

black and white bathroom design

Glass shower design

Photography by Nanne Springer

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 09.10.2018