Sweeper Bio Clean by Kyuho Song, Small Home Appliances Eat and Convert Bio Waste Into Energy

converting food waste into energy
Converting food waste into energy, green ideas for eco homes



Sweeper Bio Clean, designed by Kyuho Song, is a small appliance that converts food and bio waste into electrical energy, collecting dust in an eco friendly, energy efficient way. Sweeper Bio Clean is one of eco friendly products that are perfect for eco homes.

Bio Clean collects dust, using the energy, produced by digesting food leftovers and kitchen bio waste. The cute small home appliance converts it into bio fuel energy, eating the kitchen waste and transforming the energy to power the small sweeper.

Bio Clean helps get rid of bio waste and keep floor dust-free. Attractive and eco friendly design, small size and the simplicity make the sweeper ideal for modern lifestyle and will be appreciated by busy people who support green ideas.

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Small home appliance that eats bio waste

Green ideas for eco homes, small home appliance that converts food waste into electricity
Contemporary sweeper that eats food waste and cleans the floor

Finding renewable sources of energy that are clean and eco-friendly and designing eco friendly products that are efficient, easy to use and attractive are hot topics today.

The sweeper Bio Clean that is using bio fuel and converting it into the clean energy is a nice machine that will be enjoy by kids and adults.

Converting food waste into energy, green ideas for eco homes

Easy to use small home appliance will work well as a sweeper, and can be used as a small garbage bin for collecting kitchen waste, offering more convenience and functionality.

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