Stylish Ways to Bring Luxury into Your Interior Decorating with Velvet Fabrics

pink velvet with floral designs
Chair upholstery and window curtains in pink



Velvet fabrics are one of the most beautiful chic ways to enhance any interior design and add rich texture, gorgeous color, and luxury to room decorating. Here are brilliant ideas that reflect the latest trends in decorating with the spectacular home fabrics. Perfect for classic interior design velvet fabrics come into contemporary rooms today. The most recent trends tastefully blend the luxurious decorating materials with classy room decor and modern interior design ideas in minimalist style.

Velvet is a hot material that looks elegant and stylish in all rooms. A piece of furniture or decor accessories made from velvet attract attention and harmonize the contemporary style. The texture and flow of the fabrics create the magic effect of velvet that blends with any interior design. Even one velvet item in a room transforms the space dramatically.

Velvet trends in decorating

Matching beautiful wallpaper and home decorating fabrics

Modern decorative fabrics

Home fabrics and textiles with watercolor prints

Opulent velvet wall decoration

Retro-modern sofa in green velvet

Velvet furniture upholstery

Chic interior decorating combines several home furnishings made from velvet. Dining chairs, window curtains, decorative pillows in matching colors create elegant, luxurious, and comfortable living spaces. Velvet bed headboard upholstery and window curtains nicely couple for chic bedroom design in classic or contemporary style. Gorgeous, soft folding of the material works well for romantic and beautiful interior decorating.

Living room furniture

WHite fireplace, pink flowers, light blue velvet chair
Purple velvet bench, dressing table, yellow flowers and chair upholstery
Classic chaise lounge chair
Classy furniture, pink velvet chair
Velvet pouf in yellow
Green velvet sofa with purple pillows
Colorful velvet upholstery
Green sofa upholstery, throw, pillow
Blue velvet sofa, yellow table lamps
Modern sofa in green velvet
Modern living room furniture, velvet upholstery fabrics in blue

Dining furniture, chairs

Modern dining chairs in velvet
Velvet bar chairs
Dining room with blue chairs
Dining room decorating with green velvet chairs

Velvet colors

Vibrant and saturated shades are stylish and dramatic choices for brave and bold interior design. A sofa in bright green color combined with velvet pillows in monochromatic greens or contrasting purple match beautifully enhancing modern interior decorating with floral wallpaper or contemporary designs that feature birds and green leaves. From neutral color tones, like black and gray to bright hues of blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and pink the velvet colors just increase the Bohemian chic of the luxurious texture.

Chair upholstery and window curtains in pink

Bed headboard ideas

Saturated green colors and magenta hues combine harmoniously with gray color tones, bronze, dark and light brown colors. Velvet fabrics in vibrant and dark colors call for light and look the best in well-illuminated interiors.

Bedroom furniture, velvet upholstery in bluish gray
Bed upholstery in yellowish green
Blue velvet headboard design
Depp blue velvet bed headboard and colorful pillows

Velvet accents

Velvet is a theatrical decorative material, excellent for creating beautiful accents. Interior decorating in light colors look glamorous with velvet items. Golden decorations, luxurious finishes, gloss, embroidery, fascinating prints, expensive furniture, combined with velvet furnishings, increase the fabulous effect. Ideal for classic interior decorating and room design in eclectic or contemporary style velvet fabrics become favorite choices that create a luxurious, high-status look.

Modern living room furnishings, velvet pillows and ottoman

Decorative pillows

Beautiful velvet cushion with golden embroidery
Colorful velvet pillows with pompoms
Gray sofa with black and yellow decorative pillows
Pumpkin pillows in orange and turquoise blue colors

Velvet curtains

Rich velvet draperies in green
Blue velvet draperies
Floral velvet fabric in purple
Gray velvet curtains

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