Home Fabrics and Textiles with Watercolor Prints Bringing Art into Modern Interior Decorating

modern home furnishings, decorating fabrics and textiles with watercolor prints


Watercolor prints bring fabulous accents into modern interior design. Color is part of our life, interior design, home decorating or home staging. Watercolor paintings and prints make home interiors look unique, artistic and interesting. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design and home decorating ideas that demonstrate how to add watercolor prints to your room decor.

Watercolor painting artworks and fabric prints are amazingly attractive and charming. Home decorating fabrics, textiles and actual paintings bring elegant, bright and classy accents into modern interior design and home decorating. Transparent watercolor painting techniques create the most versatile of artworks and home furnishings.

Watercolor prints have many historic connections to ancient Chinese, Japanese and Egyptian cultures. Home decorating fabrics and textiles with watercolor prints are suitable for vintage decor and modern interiors. Brush painting with dyes produces unique patterns, based on the nature and familiar surroundings. It feels nostalgic and pleasant, enhancing modern interior decorating with amazing prints.

Modern bedding fabrics and trends in decorating

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Modern interior decorating with watercolor prints

Decorating fabrics with colorful watercolor prints, floral designs

Contemporary technology and modern interior design trends amplify the beauty and elegance of watercolor painting, offering colorful and bright home furnishings, decorating fabrics, textiles and wall painting ideas for creative interior decorating.

Digital technology of printing and photography have made original watercolor paintings available for surprising and colorful interior decorating. Watercolor paintings and prints impress with their beauty, accuracy of application of colors and precision, creating fascinating effects that enrich modern interior decorating.

Bedding fabrics with watercolor prints in bright colors

Special techniques and tricks which are unique to watercolor painting art can be seen on modern fabric prints and textiles, can decorate walls with amazing value differences and clarity of the colors applied to produce wonderful creations. Watercolor prints are interesting and bold, showing off spectacularly wide range of color shades and tones, mixing artworks with creative, whimsical and modern interior decorating ideas.

Modern interior design trends, interior decorating materials

Modern interior design and decorating with ombre technique

The beauty of water colors and the number of colors which can be added to existing or new interior decorating schemes are unlimited, allowing to turn home furnishings, decorating fabrics and textiles into truly personal and intimate accents for breathtaking, charming, bright and modern interior decorating.

Watercolor painting and upholstery fabric with watercolor print
Home decorating fabrics with watercolor prints and floral designs
Ombre wall painting and decorative fabrics with watercolor prints
Modern bedding fabrics with watercolor prints and floral designs

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