Space Saving Room Furniture Placement Ideas, Putting Bookcases and Shelves Behind Sofas and Beds

modern interior design with book shelves and shelving systems


Modern room furniture placement ideas offer creative and unusual layout plans for living rooms, bedrooms and kids rooms to personalize and make more comfortable your living spaces. Though there are few rules for living room furniture placement or bedroom designs as all rooms are different, putting one large furniture piece directly in front of shelving is an unusual idea.

Lushome collection of such room furniture placement ideas explores this interesting solution, which works well for large and small rooms, ordinary and weirdly-shaped living spaces. Sofas and chairs in front of traditional and contemporary shelving units look comfortable and stylish. Putting a classic bookcase or modular shelving system in contemporary style behind your sofa is one of the best space saving ideas that creates compact and functional, interesting and modern interior design.

Here are beautiful examples of modern living room furniture placement ideas and bedroom designs that prove that a sofa or a chair in front of shelving looks attractive and inspiring. Classic bookcases and open shelves in contemporary styles can be used to create a nice background for various room furniture arrangements, bringing coziness and vintage charm of bookshelves into modern interior design.

Large bookcase, sliding bookcases and shelves

Modern ideas for interior decorating with bookcases and shelves

Room furniture placement ideas

Living room design, sofas and chairs in front of bookcases

Even a sectional sofa or a small chair, a bed or a bench, placed directly in front of a bookcase or shelving system can add action to room design, creating a wonderful and cozy nook feel and pleasant home library-like atmosphere.

Modern wallpaper patterns or creative painting ideas for shelving walls can increase the wonderful effects and enrich modern interior design. Book shelves behind a sofa, arm chair or bed can be an awesome way to add color, pattern and texture to interior design and emphasize unusual and interesting room furniture placement ideas.

Living room furniture placement in front of built-in book shelves

A tall, towering storage unit behind a sofa or a chair can really set a dramatic tone for an entire living space. Putting a room furniture item in front of a bookcase works the best for small rooms and weirdly shaped spaces.

Creative decorative bookcases and shelves for kids rooms

22 bookcases and shelves decoration ideas to improve home staging and interior decorating

Unusual shapes and architectural elements , especially in small rooms, can make such furniture placement ideas the best alternatives to traditional room furniture layout. Putting a bookcase behind a sofa, a chair or a bed can be the smartest choice for space saving, functional and modern interior design.

Living room sofa in front of built-in book shelves
Bookcases behind small sofas
Wall shelves behind living room sofa
Built-in shelving units behind living room furniture
Book shelving units behind bed headboard

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