Modern Ideas for Interior Decorating with Bookcases and Shelves

modern ideas for interior decorating with book shelves

Painting ideas for modern interior decorating with open shelving units


Interior decorating with book shelves add fantastic accents to rooms and create stylish and effective book storage. Here are wonderful styling tips for book shelves to design beautiful and modern storage for your books while making your rooms look bright and interesting. Books say a lot about your tastes and interests. Modern and comfortable book storage ideas add instant style and appeal to interior decorating.

Hard cover and soft cover books can add complimenting and contrasting accents to room colors and create inviting rooms that offer something interesting to read and learn. These great tips for creating and stylish modern storage for your books will help decorate your home interiors in a beautiful and contemporary way. Bookcases and shelves are wonderful for creating stunning living rooms, home libraries, family rooms and home offices.

Book shelves and colorful book collections grouped by color revitalize living spaces and add a vibrant accent, organization and a touch of contemporary style to interior decorating and room colors. blocked books. Removing heavy crown moldings and adding a fresh coat of soft paint to the paneling and built-in bookcases or shelves create attractive book storage in a contemporary style and pleasant color.

Modern interior decorating with bookcases and shelves

Modern ideas for interior decorating with wooden wall shelves and books

Using a variety of books in blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple colors and grouping them together by color design a bright and unusual book display which enhances interior decorating in an elegant and colorful way. Showcasing family books, puzzles and games are modern ideas for interior decorating. Open shelving units behind the family room or living room sofa creates beautiful and clever interior decorating.

Open shelving units and wall shelves can house loads of books, puzzles and games. Cubbies and decorative vases or small indoor plants look fabulous together. Lightweight bamboo shelving units or wooden wall shelves add a natural touch to interior decorating and keep your white walls from looking sterile and plain while adding colorful accents that match decorative pillows and brighten up your living space.

Space saving and modern ideas for interior decorating with books grouped by color

Installing pocket doors in small spaces and using wall niches are modern ideas for interior decorating with book shelves. Along with providing easy access to the highest shelves, the sliding library ladder adds a vintage touch to interior decorating. Storage cabinets with glass doors showcase curated bookshelves. A neutral two-tone color schemes design calming and serene interior decorating and subdued feel. Built-in cabinets with glass doors blend seamlessly with walls and display books, artworks and collections while protecting them and creating elegant rooms. curios and artwork.

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30 unique book shelves and shelving units, creative interior decorating ideas

Grouped by color books create visual impact with blocks in complimenting and contrasting colors. Handmade wall shelves are excellent for a small home library in a cramped nook, giving unique look and adding character to creative living spaces. Bookcases and shelves that run the entire perimeter of a room, offer large book storage without cluttering up living spaces and keeping interior decorating feel spacious and functional.

Painting ideas for modern interior decorating with open shelving units

Tall open book shelves are perfect for storing books and creating charming displays with decorative vases, small indoor plants and collectibles. Open book shelves are modern ideas for decluttering, They help free storage spaces in cabinets for less aesthetically pleasing objects.

22 modern book shelves to display books in style

Sliding book shelves for space saving interior decorating

Bright paint colors and colorful decorative accents add fun and energy to bookcases and shelves. The back panels of bookshelves or walls behind book shelves, painted a rich color, create a dramatic effect and add an artistic touch to interior decorating ideas. Artwork hung on a bookshelf brings an unexpected accent and can add bright blue, green, yellow, orange, red and purple colors to neutral white and black or brown color shades of natural wood.

Glass front storage cabinets, bookcases and shelves for interior decorating with books and decor accessories

Framing a doorway with custom built-in book shelves is another space-saving, functional and modern idea. Light gray, off-white and cream color tones and classic, simple and elegant lines give a soothing mood to interior decorating ideas and creates a pleasant focal point with creative book storage.

Space saving ideas for interior decorating with wooden wall shelves

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