22 Modern Book Shelves to Display Books in Creative and Beautiful Ways

unique book shelf design ideas for modern interior decorating


Bookshelves are familiar furniture items for stowing and displaying books. Bookshelves are great for indoor plants and small home decor accessories that beautify home decorating. The easiest way of home decorating with books is to place them neatly on a coffee table shelf or a wall bookshelf, personalizing interior design and creating unique and comfortable home interiors.

A stack of oversized books adds height, color, and texture to home decorating. Stacking books attractively on a shelf is great for creating this one-of-a-kind decor accent matching your decorative pillows, wall artworks, or vases. Classic and elegant dark color shades, like black, dark gray, deep blue, green, or brown colors, combined with one large book in a bright color, add a stunning accent to interior decorating.

Modern bookshelves allow creating fabulous displays with a few angled shelves. The diagonal lines bring a beautiful interior design element into rooms and add interest to home decorating.

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Creative bookshelf design ideas

Circular bookshelves in contemporary style

A spine wall shelf is perfect for a kitchen or bedroom decorating with a small collection of books. Painting plastic, metal, or wooden bookshelves bright color, contrasting or matching room colors breath life into interior design.

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Modular shelves are contemporary, self-structuring, and require no nails or screws. Hanging one on the wall or arranging several bookshelves for an excellent decorative effect transforms interior design with a creative book display.

Modern interior decorating with contemporary bookshelves

Unique and attractive circular bookshelf designs are visually striking. They look gorgeous in any home, and you can roll this type of shelves from room to room, changing interior design and home decorating in no time. Large circular bookshelves are balanced and durable for the reader to step inside and lounge against them. These contemporary bookshelves are excellent for loft decorating or large living spaces.

Unusual bookshelves for modern interior design and decorating

Boards painted in the same color as your walls create lovely home decorations and great additional storage spaces for book displays. Bright and exciting decorative accessories, small collections, and books look fantastic on these bookshelves.

Artistic bookshelves design for displaying books in style

The wall niches and depth of the door jamb are perfect for adding bookshelves and creating attractive book storage. Also, the unique design adds a secret passageway vibe to the interior design.

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