22 Bookcases and Shelves Decoration Ideas to Improve Home Staging and Interior Decorating

shelving units and wall shelves in modern interiors
Modern wall shelves and decoration ideas for living rooms


Shelves decoration ideas reflect home organization and beautify storage furniture pieces creating attractive displays and improving home staging. Lushome collection of modern bookcases and shelves decoration ideas demonstrate how to arrange things while improving the look and feel of any rooms, emphasizing stylish storage and organization, and designing modern interiors.

Aesthetic appeal of bookcases and shelves is a very important element of interior decorating. Attractive shelves decorations brings elegance into rooms and creates good mood. Well organized and skillfully decorated shelves make home interiors appear stylish and beautiful while increasing home values demonstrating that there is enough space and the house for everything people have.

Choosing bookcases and shelves includes paying the attention to quality and visual appeal of these storage furniture pieces. Decorative objects, books and collectibles that will fill empty shelves are important choices also which set the atmosphere in a room and enhance modern interior decorating with certain themes.

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Shelves decoration ideas

Modern shelves and decoration ideas

Storage and organization of books, vases, artworks and all other functional and decorative items require some time, but well organized, attractive and practical shelves decoration dramatically improve home interiors and add style to beautiful rooms.

1.  Organize small items in attractive containers or baskets in neutral colors or bright color shades which accentuate modern interior decorating. It is a nice way to add the color and style to bookcases shelves and make a room look neat and organized.

Clutter free shelves decoration

2. Balance the size, proportions and shapes of items for shelves decoration. Mixing large and small, wide and narrow, simple geometric and free shaped items with free spaces on shelves creates harmony and add interest to shelves decoration.

25 shelves decoration ideas, creating beautiful displays with books

3. Symmetry in shelves decoration create visual balance. Balancing right and left size or opposite corners with large items placed symmetrically on shelves are a nice way to create attractive and balanced shelves decoration.

Modern wall shelves and decoration ideas

4. Decluttering and free spaces on shelves help add elegance to shelves decoration. Use just few items for your shelves decoration, and remove small things that can clutter shelves and make  beautiful decorative objects get lost in lacking interest knickknacks. Use only 70% of shelves spaces, leaving 30% for free space.

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5. Create matching your home decor color scheme for shelves decoration. Your interior decorating colors provide great inspirations for decorating bookcases and shelves. Items in matching your decor colors can be mixed with objects in neutral colors or complimenting color shades. All white colors, ivory, light gray color tones and black are universally appealing and versatile colors for shelves decoration. Also you can use decorative accessories in natural wood colors – all dark and light brown colors, golden colors, deep orange and red colors, especially with wooden furniture.

Black and red colors, wall shelves in geometric shape

6. Leave the top shelf empty or almost empty creating more spacious and airy interior decorating. Controlled emptiness helps homes look contemporary and attractive, improve home values and home staging design. A large vase, book or artworks is great for top shelves decoration.

Creative bookcases and shelves for kids rooms

7. Two or three accent color hues and objects bring more interest into shelves decoration and spice up modern interior design. Decorative accents in bright colors look great in bookcases and on shelves, enhancing interior decorating and improve the appearance of living spaces, creating striking details. Simple geometric shapes, large sizes, artistic accents and contrasting or bright colors work well for shelves decoration.

Modern wall shelves and decoration ideas for living rooms
Attractive wall shelves decoration with artworks, vases and green plants

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