Smart Kitchen Products, Almighty Cutting Board by Jaewan Jeong

kitchen appliances and computer technology

Smart kitchen products and computer technology for cooking and baking


Smart kitchen products bring new computer technology and materials into modern kitchen design, making preparing food, cooking and baking easier and more fun. Attractive look and functionality make this smart cutting board an ultimate kitchen assistant and useful gift.

Almighty Board is a smart kitchen product that works as a cutting board and a small computer with a cook book. This smart cutting board can simultaneously display recipes, food pictures and weigh ingredients for a cook.

The smart cutting board Almighty created by young designer from South Korea Jaewan Jeong, provides step-by-step directions and useful tip for preparing food, cooking and baking.

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Smart cutting board

Smart kitchen products and computer technology for cooking and baking

After washing the smart board tells you if it is clean enough for using for cutting other food. Keeping the surface of the cutting board clean helps avoid cross-contamination and food poisoning.

The smart cutting board is a great kitchen product that encourages to experiment with food ingredients and create new recipes, while keepingĀ  the cutting surface clean, safe and healthy.

Smart cutting board, contemporary kitchen appliances
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The cutting board looks futuristic and elegant, offering food pictures and amazing useful functions, making preparing food truly fun.

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 26.04.2012


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