Small Bathroom Design, Ideas for Renovating Attic Spaces

small bathroom design under roof
Under-roof small spaces, modern bathroom design



A small bathroom and bedroom are fabulous ideas for renovating your attic and turning small spaces into extra rooms. A small bathroom design featuring shelving in wall niches and a bathtub beneath a sloping wall creates a luxurious and romantic room. A contemporary walk-in shower and a modern bathtub are fantastic attics’ renovating projects that can maximize the valuable small spaces. A light color scheme helps brighten small spaces and soften the angular architectural design.

A window with a seat sets a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. A console table works as an excellent alternative to expensive bathroom sink vanities and creates a stylish, original, and integrated look. A walk-in shower design is a space-saving idea that increases a spacious feel in small rooms. Custom-made or fitted, a storage unit can provide small spaces with shelves and an additional seat.

Attic renovating ideas turning small spaces into modern home interiors

Interior design ideas, beautiful small rooms

How to upgrade your bathroom, design ideas

Modern attic bathroom designs

Small bathroom design, attic renovating idea

Bathroom colors

Small bathroom design trends, modern bathroom colors

Modern bathroom decorating in eco style, neutral interior color trends

Small bathroom decorating ideas, color schemes

White paint colors are perfect for attic bathroom designs. Pale pastels and light wood color shades also look beautiful in small rooms, giving a light, airy feel to attic bathroom designs. Wooden flooring ideas are excellent choices for bringing warmth and comfort into small bathrooms and enhancing the bathroom color palette.

Small room design ideas, white attic bathroom

Interior design materials

Mixing various interior design materials, such as wood, glass, metal, and stone, creates elegant blends and beautifully accentuates small bathrooms.

Attic bathroom design in white-blue colors

Bathroom lighting

Adding contemporary lights, vintage-style lighting fixtures, or lamps in retro styles help stylishly illuminate even no-window small spaces and turn attic bathrooms into attractive, functional, and modern home interiors.

Contemporary bathroom design, wood furniture, large windows
Attic bathroom design idea, contemporary wall lights, glass shower
Attic renovating ideas, small bathroom design with wood furniture, large windows
Under-roof small spaces, modern bathroom design

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