School Age Kids Room Design with Student Desks and Bright Decorating

student desk and chair for children bedroom design and decorating



School-age kids room design needs to be not only comfortable but multi-functional and well organized. Colorful, modern and stimulating places make children happy. Creating functional zones improves kids room design and makes children bedrooms feel welcoming and comfortable, encouraging kids to keep them in order. Lushome brings a collection of kids room design ideas, which shows how to place children furniture and create bright room color combinations. Here are great inspirations for parents and school-kids.

A bed and a functional study area with a comfortable and organized student desk, a chair in a proper size are the essential elements of kids room design. Young children need small tables and chairs or adjustable, growing with the children furniture items. Specially designed for quickly growing young students, the furniture helps save good posture and keep kids healthy. Also, well-designed desks and chairs make children feel comfortable and happy in their rooms.

A student desk should suit a child correctly. Its top needs to be at the chest level and allow to put the elbows on the desk top comfortably. The legs should form a right angle when a child sits at the table. A large work surface, small storage spaces, and efficient lighting make a student desk comfortable and functional for young kids.

School-age kids room design

Studying area with student desk, storage cabinets and chair in white color

1. Furniture placement

The best location for a student desk is near the window. Facing the wall and allowing natural light to come from the left for right-handed students is an ideal placement. Using a window sill for creating a student desk is a smart space saving idea for small rooms. Blinds or curtains provide visual comfort and privacy for a student.

How to select the best student desk and chair for ergonomic kids room design

Innovative and unique furniture for kids

2. Right desk and chair

Choose the right seat for a student is important. A chair should be ergonomic, comfortable, with a backrest, medium size seat, and adjustable height which is a money-saving solution. A changing positions mechanism is optional for young students because they naturally stay active and do not sit for hours.

Student desk for young kids

3. Healthy decorating materials

Children furniture made of natural or eco-friendly and recycled materials is an ideal choice for young kids room design. Decorating with functional materials, easy to clean upholstery fabrics and lamps, bedding and curtain fabrics made with natural fibers or recycled materials are a practical idea.

25 student desk designs and studying area ideas pairing functionality and ergonomics

Ergonomic student desk for young kids studying area, healthy kids room design ideas

4. Room colors and light fixtures

Lighting design for kids rooms should be efficient and safe. A combination of different light fixtures creates a pleasant environment for visual comfort, work, and rest. Good storage organization benefits from small and efficient lamps strategically placed to illuminate shelves and drawers. Vibrant room colors and comfortable lighting create beautiful kids rooms which feel spacious, functional, and inviting.

Children furniture, bunk bed with storage cabinets and student desk with two chairs

5. Storage and organization

Encouraging children to keep their bedrooms clean and organized helps grow organized and efficient people in the future. Good storage organization and ergonomic room design create the right atmosphere and set kids for school success. Comfort and functionality, natural materials, neat and bright environment keep students energetic, healthy, and happy.

Functional student desk with storage shelves
Kids room design with storage shelves, student desk, and two wooden chairs
Wooden student desk with attractive tote storage
Kids room design with modern student desk and chair in white and blue colors

  by Ena Russ   

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