Sauna with Infrared Heater, Contemporary Addition to Modern Bathroom Design

modern bathroom with sauna cabin made of wood


Infrared sauna is a great contemporary addition to modern house design. Wooden cabins for infrared saunas look warm and attractive, making modern bathroom design more functional and allowing to clean the body of toxins in the comfort of your home.

Infrared sauna cleans the body that is affected by exhaust fumes and industrial emissions in large cities. Sauna helps the body get rid of dangerous chemicals and toxic substances people get from food and air. The penetration of harmful substances occurs through the skin, mucous membranes and lungs. Sauna is a nice way to help the body prevent the accumulation of dangerous substances and toxins in the cells.

Infrared sauna with contemporary infrared heaters is an additional tool that helps the human body stay healthy and beautiful. SPA and beauty treatments, gyms, massage therapists, saunas and swimming pools are great for exercising and looking fresh and youthful.

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Sauna cabin with infrared heater and comfortable chair are contemporary additions to modern house design

Research sows that sauna has a positive effect on human body, speeding up the recovery from the damage and purification of the body. Infrared saunas, or infrared heaters in sauna cabins, are one of effective tools to improve health and mood.

Infrared heaters in sauna cabins and conventional electric or wood stove saunas have little in common. A distinctive feature of the sauna with an infrared heater is the direct heating of the body.

Space saving bathroom design, sloping sauna cabin with infrared heater

Contemporary ceramic infrared heaters direct the energy to the body right away. In a traditional sauna with an electrical heater or a wood stove the energy goes to the rocks, then the air, and then to the body and wooden structure.

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An infrared heater in a sauna cabin uses the infrared wave method of transferring the warmth, which differs from the way microwaves, X and UV rays work. Infrared heaters allow a deep penetration and heating of body tissues.

Infrared sauna in corner, functional modern bathroom design ideas

Saunas with infrared heaters are in demand in the sport and cosmetics industry, and effectively used in medicine and psychotherapy. Sauna cabins with infrared heaters offer a system of light therapy used as additional method for keeping the body clean and healthy.

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Saunas with infrared heaters are a powerful tool that can be used for healing and cleansing the body, weight loos and relaxation along with the proper diet and active lifestyle.

Small sauna with infrared heater, space saving modern bathroom design

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