Recycling Paper and Cardboard, Unique Chair Design by Dan Goldstein

Cardboard chair with felt cover
Cardboard chair design with felt cover


Recycling paper and cardboard for making unique furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures is a modern trend in contemporary interior design and decorating. Unusual and interesting chair design from Dan Goldstein is an example of a creative blend of comfortable shape and original design for recycling paper.

Paper and cardboard are great materials that are used for light, inexpensive and functional contemporary furniture design. Unique furniture items, like desks and shelving units, tables and chairs look attractive and unusual, and surprisingly strong.

Weightless and portable, comfortable Cardboard Chair by Dan Goldstein is one of innovative and eco friendly products for cheap interior design and decorating that are inspiring, encouraging to look at recycling materials with a designer eye.

Recycling paper for unique furniture design

Cardboard furniture collection Prejudice from Sanserif, green ideas for recycling paper

Recycling paper and cardboard for chair, unique furniture design idea from Kibardindesign

Unique chair design, recycling cardboard for unique furniture

Recycling paper for cardboard furniture is simple. Cardboard chairs can be adorned with eco friendly felt or synthetic upholstery fabrics, creating soft and colorful contemporary furniture. Here is a simple and light chair with a seat made of cardboard and a strong metal frame.

The cardboard chair is called Re-Ply Recliner Chair and is made of four layers of corrugated recycled cardboard. Cardboard pieces are cut to the desired shapes, laminated and mounted on a sturdy metal frame. This unique chair can rock and recline.

Cardboard chair design with felt cover

This impressive and elegant chair design gives a great inspiration for diy furniture design projects, repairing old furniture pieces. Covered with a beautiful blanket or decorated with attractive furniture upholstery fabric, it can fit perfectly into existing interior design and decor.

Recycling paper for incredible cardboard room furniture and decor accessories

Pendant light fixtures made of corrugated paper, contemporary lighting design from Graypants

Recliner chair design with cardboard seat and metal frame
Upholstered chair design made of cardboard and metal frame

  by Ena Russ   

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