Recycling Car Parts for Unique Home Furnishings and Yard Decorations

ways to reuse and recycle car parts for unique furniture


Recycling old car parts for unique furniture, wall and table decorations is not only eco friendly, but helpful to make extra money. Selling old junk car is difficult, but scrapping a car is easy, quick and profitable. If you do not know what to do with your old car, or can not sell it, then consider scrapping a car and recycling car parts for artworks and home decorations.

Lushome shares a few ideas for recycling car parts. People make fun decorations, flower beds, gifts and unique furniture with car parts, adding striking accents to interior decorating and backyard designs. If your old car has been taking up the extra space in your garage, get rid of it and make extra money by selling its parts.

Keeping a very old car in your house has several disadvantages. It clutters your home and make the environment unhealthy. Keeping a junk car in your garage is harmful for the environment and appealing. Plus you are not getting the money you can, even if it is not much.

Recycling old car parts for home furnishings and yard decorations

30 Green ideas to reuse and recycle car tires, creative recycled crafts

33 design ideas to reuse and recycle old car parts for unique home furnishing

Recycling car parts for yard decorations

Creative garage door decoration recycling old car parts

If you think that old cars are useless, change your mind. If your car is still in a better condition than complete junk, you can sell it for a good price. Selling old car parts can bring better money. If you enjoy metal works, you can recycle your car parts for unique furniture, handmade gifts and yard decorations.

Large metal sculptures and miniature figurines, unique furniture, like TV stands, chairs, tables and beds, fabulous yard decorations, like flower beds and planters can be created with metal car parts and tires.

Way to recycle car parts and tires for yard decorations

Creative design ideas help recycle old car parts in order to make the most of it, giving a new life to pieces, turning them into artworks or making money by selling parts.

Unique furniture design recycling old car parts

Recycling car parts for unique furniture, recycled crafts and modern furniture design ideas

Ways to reuse and recycle car parts for metal sculptures

Scrapping an old car is a great alternative to selling it for little money. Eco friendly artists and craftsmen will transform all car parts into beautiful home furnishings and yard decorations.

Colorful yard decorations, metal sculptures, artistic way to recycle car parts

Figurines, lamps and small recycled crafts created with old car parts make unique home decorations and amazing gifts. Here is a few metal sculptures by James Corbett.

Metal sculptures recycling car parts

And if you think you can do metal crafts yourself, then look at the collection of car recycling ideas below, and come up with original Green designs for yard decorating and modern interiors.

Recycling plane parts for unique furniture, bar chairs

Unique furniture design ideas recycling old naval mines into decorative items in steampunk style

Recycling car parts for unique furniture

If you have a car that is no good to you anymore, scrapping a car is the best way to reuse and recycle it, selling parts to people who create artworks or new cars, turn parts into unique furniture, unusual gifts and yard decorations.

How to reuse and recycle old car parts for new cars

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