Plastic Recycling Lighting Fixtures by Issey Miyake Winning Red Dot Award for Best Lighting Design

paper lamp shades created wiht plastic recycling material


In-Ei lighting fixtures from Japanese designer Issey Miyake impress with an elegant lighting design that blends traditional Japanese origami art with contemporary technology and creates modern lighting fixtures. Very original and exciting, stretching paper lamp shades won the Red Dot award demonstrating the evolution of materials.

The designer himself makes handmade, creative, and unique lighting fixtures. The paper lamp shades feature a specially designed paper material that is the product of recycling plastic bottles. The lights with attractive paper lamp shades by Issey Miyake are made of a recycled plastic material which is stronger and more practical than paper.

The lampshades feature the texture of paper and look like traditional lighting fixtures. The designer bent new fabric at specific points creating these fantastic lighting fixtures. To give the unique lighting fixtures the desired shapes, Issey Miyake stretched and twisted lampshades, giving them character and designer look.

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Modern paper lamp shades in traditional Japanese origami style

Modern lighting fixtures with paper lampshades created with plastic recycling material

All lampshades are formed from single pieces of new paper material, allowing the lighting fixtures to fold, bend, or twist.

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Recycling plastic bottles for lampshades makes these modern lighting fixtures very original, attractive, and eco-friendly products for decorating homes and public places in eco style.

Unique lighting design for eco-friendly interior decorating
Table lamp with shades made of plastic recycling material

  by Ena Russ   

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