Creative Plastic Cup Recycling for Unique Lighting Fixture

modern chandelier made of plastic cups

Plastic cup recycling for unique lighting fixture

Plastic cup recycling ideas are inspiring beautiful crafts and handmade home decorations. Styrene lighting fixture from designer Paul Cocksedge is a great example of amazing eco friendly products and designs made of everyday objects.

This attractive and unique lighting fixture is designed for the Stepney Green Design Collection and demonstrates a wonderful blend of green design and plastic recycling ideas with elegant and stylish look. The modern lighting fixtures made of plastic cups is a nice way to add eco friendly products to home decorating, while beautifully illuminating rooms.

To create unique lighting fixtures designers use various materials, but plastic cup recycling is a way to add green living attitude to stylish and unusual lighting designs. London based designer Paul Cocksedge successfully blended Green design with gorgeous appearance, offering this beautiful lighting fixture that is pleasant, attractive, functional and eco friendly.

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Unique lighting design

Plastic recycling ideas for modern lighting design

The designer created bold and bright lighting fixture, proving that plastic cup recycling can be very artistic and interesting. He has developed a unique lighting decoration pattern of plastic cup pieces, adding charm and character to his lighting fixture Styrene.

The hanging lamp looks graceful, simple and stylish. The lamp shade seems made of glass, offering pleasant illumination.

Plastic cup recycling for unique lighting fixture

The unique lighting design concept is to promote creative ideas of plastic cup recycling and to keep our planet clean and beautiful.

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The green design pleased the London exhibition visitors and inspired a thoughtful attitude to plastic recycling, natural resource development and green living.

Unique lighting Styrene, creative plastic cup recycling idea

  by Ena Russ   

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