Personalizing Interior Design and Decor, Ideas with Favorite Room Colors and Unique Home Furnishings

wall paint colors and modern home furnishings
Rich blue wall color, upholstered chair in yellow color and unique flowerpot


Adding personal touches to your interior design and decor makes your living spaces feel like home and enhance comfort. You can personalize each room and entire home decorating with a few easy tips. Here are creative, simple, and stylish ideas for creating intimate and unique interior design and decor that reflect your taste, favorite room colors, and your lifestyle.

Adding pictures of the family, photos of kids when they were younger, and your vacation pictures personalize rooms in no time, adding sentimental and warm touches to modern interior design and decor. Handmade crafts and paintings, vintage photographs of your relatives add a personal feel to rooms and make your living spaces more intimate. Decorating lampshades, vases, room furniture, pillows, towels, or tableware with appliques, embroidery, or painted patterns create a unique, bright, and creative interior design with original and colorful home decor. Floor rugs and window curtains can completely change the look of a room, personalizing your living spaces with favorite color shades and textures.

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Modern interior design and decor ideas

Rich blue wall color, upholstered chair in yellow color, unique flowerpot design for personalizing interior design and home decorating in elegant and creative style

Small home decor accessories that bring your favorite hues and enrich room colors personalize the interior design and create intimate and exciting living spaces. Casual accessories, coasters with family pictures, throws, and decorative pillows with embroidered personal letters look fabulous and inspiring, reflecting your style.

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One of the best ways to add a personal touch to your interior design is to paint walls your favorite colors. Kids love to transform their rooms with paint and creative painting ideas. All spacious and small spaces can feel like home, decorated following personal preferences and attractive room colors. Wall shelving is another great idea.

Contemporary shelving unit with unique displays for personal and modern home decorating.

Decorative accessories

Personalized apartment ideas turn small rooms into cozy and welcoming retreats. Personalizing helps to add warmth and sentimental value to large rooms also. A gorgeous artwork piece, a sculpture, a unique craft that you made, a beautiful and comfortable room furniture item, or a one-of-a-kind wall mirror frame can create an attractive and personal room that you will enjoy and admire.

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Unique furniture

Sentimental decor accessories and unique room furniture pieces make lovely focal points for modern interior design, enhancing the appearance of original and personal home decorating. Your favorite room colors in light shades stretch small rooms visually, while dark room colors help balance room proportions and fill your home with coziness and elegance.

Bright red color accent and unique table lamps for personalizing interior design and decor in black and white colors

Storage furniture

Wall shelves maximize vertical space and allow to design of unique displays that personalize room decor. Creative and well-optimized hidden storage in your closets is another way to add personality to your interior design with customized home organizers and innovative storage solutions.

Unique floor rug in rich dark blue color adding a personal touch to modern interior design and decor

Vibrant accents

Good organization and plenty of natural light make even small rooms look like pleasant and airy homes. Open up windows and clean them to bring more sunshine into your rooms, and use light, delicate room colors, vibrant accents, and shiny surfaces to brighten up your living spaces.

Photographs in colorful frames, unique home decorations

Neutral colors

All white paint colors, light gray, cream, beige, and light neutral brown colors are ideal for letting light reflect off surfaces and creating a bright interior design. Light window curtains and upholstery fabrics, soft curves of room furniture, and light paint colors soften the interior design and make living spaces look elegant, stylish, and personal.

Embroidered decor accessories, colorful textiles, original wall art, personalizing modern interiors

White paint colors for walls are great for creating colorful interior designs with room furniture and decor accessories. Contemporary vinyl wall stickers and decals, curtain fabrics with prints, lampshades, crafts, and artworks are excellent for bringing your favorite room colors into modern interior design, transforming rooms into a lovely home. Neutral colors, combined with accents in two or three bright colors, help spruce up living spaces and add personal touches and character to modern interior design and decor.

Sculptures and figurines, original paintings, stylish ideas to add personality to modern interior decorating

Light neutral colors create versatile and bright backgrounds for displaying personal treasures, crafts, artworks, colorful room furniture, and decor accessories. Neutral colors spiced up with two or three bright hues are ideal for creating elegant, bright, and energetic interior design and decor that celebrate your personality and make your rooms feel like home.

Green colors and neutral palette with red accents, modern living room design

Personalized interior design and decor

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