Modern Trends, Owls in Design and Interior Decorating

bird images table lamp

Colorful lampshade with bird images


Owls are one of the modern trends in decorating and design. Owls wallpaper patterns, wall clocks, candles, vases, table lamps, wall decorations, and decorative pillows are just a few ways to bring the owl theme into home decor. Since ancient times the owl is a symbol of night, feminity, knowledge, and wisdom. Most owls are nocturnal, actively hunting their prey in darkness. Their hunting strategy depends on stealth and surprise. Designs inspired by owls and owl crafts can add surprisingly attractive accents to modern interiors and create beautiful centerpieces.

Prints and decoration patterns with owls are a stylish trend in decorating interiors and fashion. Check out the Lushome collection of ideas showing how to blend the owl theme into your room design. Owls bring the magic and mystery of the darkness into interior decorating. The modern owl decorations connect home interiors with nature in a mysterious way. Owls are versatile and suitable for any room. The theme adds interest to modern interior decorating and make all items with owl patterns or prints look original, fresh, and stylish.

Flying owl, modern design inspiration

Owl design trends

Owl candles adding surprising details to modern interior decorating

Birds images, Halloween decorating ideas

Recycling old clothes for cozy home decorations

Animal themed decorations, unique lighting design ideas

Amazing 3d bird sculptures

1. Wall decorating ideas

Dining room decorating, owl wallpaper
Wall decorations, digital print
Red wallpaper with owl prints

2. Carved wood furniture and wall decorations

Carved wood stools, inspired by animals designs
Carved wood owl on a branch
Carved wood spoon

3. Wall art and crafts

Owl crafts
Wall art

4. Curtains and pillows

Modern decorative accessories, owl prints
Decorative curtains
Sofa pillows with owl prints

5. Kids room decorating

Tree with owls applique idea for wall decoration in kids rooms
Owl storage boxes for children bedroom

6. Owl clocks

Wooden owl, wall clock
Owl clock, modern decorative accessories

7. Modern lighting

Colorful lampshade with bird images
White owl table lamp
Metal owl table lamp

8. Small storage ideas

Owl hooks, modern decorative accessories
Metal owl wall rack, modern storage idea
Black owls wall rack, a stylish storage solution
Modern wall racks with owls

9. Owl decorative accessories

Modern decorative accessories, metallic owl candle holders in various colors
Small owl planters, modern accents for interior decorating
Owl vase in white with red berries, interior decorating idea
Cute owls figurines, modern decor accents

10. Modern tableware

Owl bowls and cups in bright colors
Nature-inspired modern tableware with vibrant owl prints
Owl cookie jar

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