Decorative Candles Adding Surprising Details to Candles Centerpieces

modern home accents, owl bird decorations
Surprising owl candles with skeletons


Decorative candles inspired by birds are wonderful home decorating and useful items for creating beautiful and modern candles centerpieces. Owls are the stylish decor theme, and owls candles can help enhance this theme or add a natural accent to interior decorating. Lushome presents Angry Owls candles from Skeleton Candles, which have a surprise for you.

Angry Owls candles are made by Robert Scott whose love for candles and design played a major part coming up with this creative and modern idea for unique decorative candles. These unusual, pleasantly colored, cute and very decorative candles have skeletons that help change candles centerpieces into unique home decorations.

These decorative candles are inspired by nocturnal birds, actively hunting their prey only in darkness. Strike a match and watch this owl in the shadows of darkness, adding mystery to the fascinating candles centerpieces. For more information >> [email protected], to buy >>

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Surprising decorative candles with skeletons

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Owl shaped, colorful and decorative candles are a perfect fit for all the fascination behind these birds. The Angry Owl with an embedded metal aluminum skeleton is a nice way to add personality and fun to candles centerpieces.

Angry Owl candles dimensions are 6 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 3 inches thick. Each candle will burn for 30 plus hours. These decorative candles make excellent gifts and great home accents, offering interest to candles centerpieces.

Surprising owl candles with skeletons

As the candle burns, the skeleton frame begins to appear. Placing your Angry Owl candle in a 4 inch plate to contain the melting wax, allows to enjoy the soft glow in style. Placing the decorative candles in small bowl will prolong the Angry Owl candles life.

Owl shaped decorative candles with skeletons

Owls are amazing, surprising and inspiring birds, and owl images, wallpaper, candles, candle holders, figurines, owl prints, appliques, embroidery and owl crafts are popular and modern trends in decorating. Here is a collection of modern ideas that bring the beautiful birds into interior decorating, and inspire to create pretty table centerpieces with owl candles and candle holders.

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