Modern Pianos for Small Rooms, Space Saving Ideas, Furniture Design

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Modern pianos become smaller. Contemporary furniture design offers multi-functional concepts and space saving ideas to create light and bright interior decorating and room design for music fans and composers. Small apartment decorating, small rooms designs and space saving ideas are hot topics. Modern pianos that take less space and portable piano models are solutions for small rooms designs.

Small apartment decorating can be a challenge if you need to bring a traditional modern piano into the room. Contemporary technology and contemporary digital piano designs incorporate space saving ideas, creating smaller piano models and multi-functional furniture pieces with a built-in piano, which are perfect for small rooms designs.

Modern pianos and piano room decorating vary, matching different lifestyles and personal preferences, but every year interior designers offer classic and modern piano designs that take less space. Small apartment decorating and modern interior design ideas for fast pace practical urban lifestyle require small piano models that help keep kids bedroom decor, family and living room designs airy, spacious and light.

Portable modern pianos for small rooms designs

Transformer design ideas, space saving furniture for small room

Space saving interior decorating, functional furniture for small spaces

Multi-functional furniture design with bilt-in digital pianos

Small living rooms design with the Piano Table from Georg Bohle, is a triumph of contemporary technology, modern piano design and space saving interior decorating ideas.

The Piano Table offers a dining table, made of wood for stylish small room decorating and functional space saving ideas for small living rooms designs. The Piano Table helps create convenient and multi-functional living room decor, celebrating space saving contemporary furniture design and creative modern interior decorating.

Modern piano in the living room, small apartment decorating design, living room furniture
Modern Piano Table, space saving furniture, room decorating and interior design

Contemporary living room furniture and small apartment decorating

The Piano Table in the living room looks like an ordinary modern home office or dining room table. The table can be used for dining or playing piano and entertaining. When somebody wants to play piano in the living room, the dining Table – Piano transformation turns a small room interior into a concert scene.

Space saving furniture design ideas for small rooms

Space saving decorating, contemporary furniture for small spaces

Unusual and convenient living room furniture, the Piano Table is an excellent for stylish and multi-functional contemporary interior decorating design. The Piano Table is a great choice for small rooms in modern homes and space saving apartment decorating.

Modern Piano Table is made of oak and not cheap, but offers creative and functional design that is ideal for small apartment decorating. Simple, elegant and convenient Piano Table costs $6000 US.

Home furniture designs for comfortable life, as we understand it

Transformer design ideas, modern furniture for small spaces


For music fans, travelers, young students and composers, Yamaha created a small piano that looks like a notebook. A backpack is a perfect way to carry a notebook with a miniature piano anywhere you go.

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