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New modern kitchen design trends add light small kitchen appliances instead of large stoves into kitchen interiors. Bright and portable, small kitchen appliances for cooking can be stored inside cabinets with dishes and kitchen accessories. Made of flexible rubber, portable cooktops and ovens offer space saving ideas for small kitchens and dramatically change contemporary kitchen decor.

Classic kitchen interiors and contemporary kitchen design require different appliances styles and kitchen decorating ideas. Retro style and large kitchen appliances celebrate traditional kitchen decor. Portable small kitchen appliances for cooking are great for busy lifestyle and cafe-like contemporary kitchen decorating ideas. (Modern kitchen design, simple and sleek masterpieces)

Hiding large kitchen appliances between cabinets allows to use modern electrical appliances with country style, antique and retro kitchen decorating ideas, furniture and accessories. Still modern kitchen design of contemporary cooktops and ovens is hard to blend into classic kitchen decor. Bright and portable kitchen appliances for cooking and baking support open contemporary kitchen decorating ideas and can be used in retro, classic or country style kitchens for cooking.

Compact appliances, cooktops and ovens for contemporary homes, small kitchen design trends, modern kitchen decorating ideas

Functional and space saving kitchen decorating ideas that include portable and colored kitchen appliances are new modern kitchen design trends that add beautiful colors and more comfort to small kitchen interiors.

Product designer from Singapore Liew Ann Lee developed a concept of a small kitchen appliances for cooking Cookease for students and young professionals, for those who travel a lot and all who have small kitchens.

Modern kitchen design trends, compact appliances, cooktops and ovens in bright colors, contemporary kitchen decorating ideas

Light, bright and portable contemporary kitchen appliances encourages students to discover the secrets of culinary art, offering attractive space saving ideas for small kitchen design.

Electrical appliances, portable yellow stove
Organize cable clutter, hide cables in walls

Portable electrical appliances will brighten up neutral kitchen decor and invite people to experiment with food and have fun in their small kitchens.

Green portable stove, home appliance for cooking, compact appliances, electrical appliances for contemporary kitchen design

Folded Cookease becomes the size of a can. Portable compact appliances allow to use kitchen decorating ideas for creating beautiful small spaces and multifunctional contemporary kitchen interiors.

Kitchen decorating ideas, fridge door decoration
Lighting design for coffee lovers

Portable electrical appliances have simple buttons with a plus and a minus to decrease or increase the heat of cookers. Small kitchen stoves Cookease are perfect for preparing simple meals for hungry people.

Compact appliances, cooktops and ovens buttons, green home appliance for contemporary kitchen design

Compact appliances, like Cookease stove, are handy for often traveling people, students, tourists and all who want to have contemporary comfort, efficient home appliance and more space in their small kitchen interiors.

Small kitchen decorating ideas, coffee making machine decoration
Modern kitchen decorating and design trends

Contemporary portable kitchen appliance Teka is equipped with a touch control system, built-in sound timer and four cooking zones of different sizes that can be programmed for cooking and warming meals.

Portable electrical appliances for cooking, traveling and small kitchens, home appliance Teka

ILVE from AGA is great for contemporary small kitchen decorating ideas and functional minimalist kitchen design style. Compact home appliance in stylish silver gray colorsit will not break the harmony in contemporary kitchen interiors, bringing the art work and adding a beautiful focal point to modern kitchen decorating ideas.

Compact home appliances, cooktops and ovens for modern kitchens, ILVE from Karim Rashid

Portable and compact kitchen appliances, efficient and eco friendly home appliance design ideas, new flexible materials for colored kitchen appliances are modern design trends for small kitchens that offer functional and bright kitchen decorating and create beautiful atmosphere for cooking and enjoying food in small kitchen interiors.

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