Modern Interior Design Ideas and Eco Friendly Materials for Stylish Loft Living in California

modern kitchen design with wood shelf and butcher block countertops
Neutral color palette and open loft living spaces



Loft conversions and modern interior design create stylish living spaces perfect for a contemporary lifestyle. Lushome presents this beautiful loft, an interior design and decorating project by based in Los Angeles architectural firm DISC Interiors. The loft offers a pleasant and comfortable eco home for a couple. Elegant and functional home interiors are a transformed Sonoma warehouse space.

Modern interior design ideas blend convenience and multifunctionality with a gorgeous look. The loft living spaces feel bright and contemporary. Stylish interior decorating and open layout enhance the airy atmosphere typical for many modern lofts.  The interior design envisioned for the couple David John and Krista Schrock. DISC Interiors, is a young company bringing elegantly neat and practical ideas into modern interior design and making its mark with creative and functional solutions.

The 1,000 square foot Sonoma Valley loft is a conversion of an old warehouse. Bright interior design ideas, eco-friendly solutions, and attractive materials turned a commercial office space into a beautiful home. The interior design and decorating are inspiring and offering easy to steal ideas. Perfect for home staging and contemporary decorating, neutral colors create a quiet palette with elegant gray color shades. Calming and relaxing color combinations are mixed with textures and original accents to give a universal appeal to these loft living spaces.

Contemporary loft conversion design, Oriental Warehouse in San Francisco

Loft living space, modern interior design and trends in decorating

Modern loft conversion design and decorating ideas

Contemporary interior design, upholstered living room furniture in white and purple colors

Modern ideas include eco-friendly materials and a fusion of textures. Cork flooring, reclaimed wood, ceramic tiles, stainless steel kitchen appliances, wooden and plastic furniture, and seagrass carpet fill up the living spaces with attractive textures. Warm natural wood brown colors and cool hues create a balanced and peaceful look.

A relaxing neutral color palette that includes white, black and gray color tones enhances the pleasant atmosphere. Designers opened up the ceilings and painted it the same color as the walls. White walls and ceiling create a loft-like, spacious and bright space.

Neutral color palette and open loft living spaces


Modern kitchen design features a long custom-made shelf, perfect for displaying wine bottles, small artworks, pictures, and glasses. Stainless steel appliances and brick like tile designs blend traditional ideas with contemporary accents in a simple, functional and elegant way.

Loft living in former industrial spaces converted into stunning factory homes

Bright interior design ideas, luxurious JWG loft conversion design

Rustic interior design elements include the reclaimed wood-clad kitchen island, carved of wood vase and generously sized butcher block kitchen countertops that emphasize the natural beauty of the traditional eco-friendly material and add practical luxury to loft living spaces.

Eco-friendly materials for modern kitchen design, wood countertops, reclaimed wood-clad kitchen island, cork flooring
Loft conversion design, simple and comfortable modern kitchen and dining area

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