Modern Interior Design and Home Decorating Ideas, the 20s Interior Trends

modern bathroom furniture
Modern bathroom design trends, colorful bathroom furniture



Interior trends of 2022 create an open space for maximalism. Colors and textures add interest to room decorating and brighten up outdoor living spaces, giving modern homes a trendy look. Minimalist ideas blend with exciting accents and colorful features or need to leave. Here are the top interior trends 2022 and modern Lushome ideas for stylish home decorating in the 20s of the 21-st century.

Modern bathrooms get spacious and more comfortable. Modern kitchen interiors look cozy and less formal with textiles and curtains. Vintage decor and retro-modern accents are excellent ways to infuse unique details, bring textures and colors into home decorating. Interior trends of the 20s create more space and comfort while celebrating multifunctional and colorful design ideas.

Modern interior trends, decorating bedrooms with textiles

Top bathroom design trends 2022

Modern color trends 2022, purplish-blue interior color

Interior trends of the 20s

Current kitchen trends, cabinet curtains
Dark interior colors, living room furniture, blue wall art

Modern bathroom design trends

Modern bathroom design and space-saving ideas, small saunas
Small saunas, bathroom design trends

Adding space to small bathroom design and increasing the functionality of spacious bathrooms are interior trends 2022. Cute, pocket-sized saunas and home-spa ideas are excellent for creating modern bathrooms.

Modern interior colors, home decorating trends 2022

Elegant beige, modern interior colors

Top kitchen design trends 2022

An armchair or a comfortable pouf is the perfect addition to the seating area in the bathroom. Paintings, prints, electronic picture frames, televisions, and upholstered furniture all find places in spacious, modern bathrooms, turning the functional rooms into exciting, stylish places.

Small bathroom design with an armchair
Modern bathroom design with an armchair
Bathroom colors

Pastels are stylish choices for bathroom fixtures. Colored accents lend a distinctive look to bathrooms, adding fun to the functional rooms.

Modern bathroom design trends, colorful bathroom furniture
Contemporary bathroom design trends, black color, natural materials

Outdoor kitchen design

An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic feature that adds a great space for home interiors. All-weather kitchens fully kitted out ready for every culinary activity, from fridges and hobs to pizza ovens and grills, allow you to enjoy the outdoors and dining as never before.

All-weather outdoor kitchen design
Outdoor kitchen and dining pavilion, modern backyard ideas

Home decorating ideas

After the years of minimalist restraints, designers introduced bejeweled extravagance, striking contrasts, stunning lighting fixtures, beautiful furniture, decor accessories, celebrating spacious and bright home decorating ideas.

Modern bathroom design trends
Glass bathroom design, spacious home decorating
Semi-gloss and gloss paints

Glossy paints create luxurious looks and brighten up stylish spaces. Adding a little gloss transforms modern interiors and woodwork, while black and dark hues bring drama and glamour to home decorating.

Bright painting ideas, yellow fireplace
Gloss interior paint, modern home decorating ideas
Colored glass

Colorful designs and Murano-style glass accents are modern interior trends of 2022. Mixes of colors in vases, bowls, and decorative candles brighten the look.

Modern tableware, colored glasses
Colored glass chandelier

Curtains are back as stylish accents bringing modern decoration patterns and color combinations into warm and comfortable homes. Replacing cabinets doors with curtains is a contemporary idea that adds a folksy feel and instant informal vibe to home decorating. Textiles are fantastic for bringing trendy colors and decoration patterns into modern homes.

Kitchen sink curtains, modern interior trends in decorating
Floral textiles, kitchen curtains
The lazy Susan

These labor-saving devices from the Edwardian era inspire a beautiful modern incarnation that looks fantastic and takes the world by storm.

Lazy Susan, modern dining furniture, decor accessories
Patterned floors

Floor decoration with geometric patterns and textured designs are buzzwords in interior design. Weaves and roughly hewn wood, brickwork floors, concrete, and textured tiles bring an industrial vibe to home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

Creating geometric patterns with modern floor tiles
Brick flooring, ideas for trendy home decorating
Wood flooring ideas, current interior trends

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