Modern Interior Design and Decorating with Rustic Vibe and Shabby Chic, Luxury House in Austin

shabby chic furniture, rustic wood, brick stone wall design, modern interior design and home decorating ideas
Shabby chic furniture and decor accessories for modern home decorating


Modern interior design and home decorating ideas that blend rustic wood, natural stone and brick with elegance of luxurious shabby chic furniture and decor accessories are latest trends that allow to create spectacular architectural interiors and home decor with a natural feel and unique character. The modern interior design ideas with a rustic vibe and shabby chic furniture look interesting and relaxing, stylish and inviting.

This modern house is located in Austin, Texas and is surrounded by gorgeous mature trees, green lawns, outdoor living spaces and a putting green. The beautiful surroundings and yard landscaping ideas influence and inspire modern interior design and home decorating in eco friendly style that marries natural neutral colors and eco friendly materials into beautiful, bright and luxurious rooms furnished with shabby chic furniture, rustic wood furniture pieces and modern furniture items in classic style.

The Country Hill Residence is a modern house design that shows off elegant exterior design, fabulous interior design and fine home decorating ideas that are unique, spectacular and impressive.  Bright and spacious modern home interiors are enriched by natural materials, rich color accents, vintage furniture and amazing views. This modern house design is about the sophistication, wealth and a feeling of well-being

Modern house design with rustic vibe and shabby chic

Luxury house design with gorgeous yard landscaping, backyard fireplace, large patio and putting green

The luxury house design is a project developed by Jauregui Architects, Interiors & Construction,, the company that created an exquisite home with modern interior design and rich home decorating for comfortable and stress-free lifestyle.

Timelessly elegant and classy house exterior design and manicured yard landscaping, gracious and modern interior design and home decorating ideas create this stylish home surrounded by trees, a large stone patio with outdoor fireplace and BBQ area, lush turf and a putting green.

Modern interior design and home decorating with shabby chic furniture

Modern living room design with wooden ceiling and floor, brick wall design, shabby chic furniture and decor accessories

Modern interior design and home decor demonstrate a pleasant combination of rustic and classic styles, enhancing rustic details with urban level comfort and chic. Wooden ceiling designs with beams, wooden floors, blue stone walls, raw bricks, light interior design color schemes and shabby chic furniture create modern home interiors with a touch of unique vintage style.

25 charming shabby chic decorating ideas blending light room colors with vintage furniture and decor

Unique log home design where modern interior design meets rustic wood artworks

Decorative accents in rich blue, pinkish purple and light green color shades highlight interior decorating ideas in expensive home furnishings, creating bright interior design color schemes and giving a personality to each room.

Modern living room design with brick walls and rustic wood accents

Luxurious home decor accessories, antique floor rugs and velvet fabrics add warmth to modern interior design and adorn the living spaces with textures and exclusive accents.

Modern interior design with rustic wood and rustic decor in country home style

Top 6 modern interior design trends, interconnection and organic design

Antique, rustic and vintage furniture surprise and delight. Combined with chic decorative fabrics and light interior design color schemes, furniture and decor accessories look fabulous, adding charm and chic to this beautiful home with rich and refined interior design.

Shabby chic furniture and decor accessories for modern home decorating
Rustic wood kitchen island, modern kitchen design with brick walls

Classy house exterior design with fine yard landscaping

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