25 Charming Shabby Chic Decoraitng Ideas Blending Light Room Colors and Vintage Decor

shabby chic fabrics and decor accessories
Shabby chic fabrics and unique decor accessories



Shabby chic decorating ideas are a way to add unique look, charming personality and precious feel to your room. Blending attractive and comfortable interior design, light room colors, antique and unique vintage furniture, pretty decorative accessories, impressive chandeliers and natural fabrics into gorgeous and inviting living spaces, English, Swedish and American shabby chic decorating dramatically transforms rooms.

Walls decoration is an important part of shabby chic interiors. Wall decor and shabby chic furniture can define the interior decorating style, set the tone and atmosphere of the room. Shabby chic decorating brings modern wallpaper with delicate floral patterns in pastel colors into your rooms, making them feel romantic and soft.

Shabby chic furniture items without sharp angles and aggressive lines add pleasant upholstery fabrics to modern interior decorating, creating welcoming romantic rooms. Floral wallpaper patterns and simple, slightly curvy lines of shabby chic furniture create a fantastic blend with charming decorative accessories that harmonize shabby chic decorating ideas.

Shabby chic decorating ideas

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Room colors for shabby chic decorating

An amazing effect of sweet luxury and exquisite comfort is created by soft and light pastel colors, associated with sweet treats and tender flowers. Soft white color tones, creamy, pinkish, bluish and grayish tones highlight light, elegant and romantic character of stylish shabby chic interiors.

Bright, light and soft shabby chic decorating ideas are ideal for creating romantic, charming and sentimental shabby chic interiors, that invite and offer rest in beauty and style.

Shabby chic fabrics and unique decor accessories

Shabby chic furniture and decor accessories

Shabby chic decorating is about restored antique furniture or unique vintage furniture and small details that make shabby chic interiors look like artworks. Professionally designed shabby chic interiors tell us interesting stories and showcase unique decorative accessories, antique vases and pitchers, handmade pillows with embroidery on the sofa and lace bedding in the bedroom, embroidered wall decor, antique biscuit boxes, old clocks, old photographs, antique picture frames and mirror frames, vintage metal signs and tapestry in vintage style.

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Restored antique furniture or modern unique vintage furniture items add sentimental and intimate feel to shabby chic decorating ideas. Handmade decorative accessories, like crocheted pillows and throws, table runners and hot pot pads, table clothes and napkins that look like your grandmother’s home decorations, homemade wood crafts that your grandfather could make or actually made are ideal for shabby chic decorating.

Gorgeous lace table cloth, shabby chic furniture and chandelier with crystals for dining room decorating

Flowers and floral decoration patterns in shabby chic interiors

Fresh flowers, dried flower arrangements and floral patterns on modern wallpaper, bedding and shabby chic furniture upholstery fabrics are another important part of gorgeous and sensual shabby chic interiors. Flowers, shabby chic fabrics with floral decoration patterns, floral wallpaper designs and interior paint colors inspired by tender shades of flowers make shabby chic decorating ideas feel romantic, youthful and light, comforting and evoking pleasant memories of happy childhood and special events.

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Shabby chic chandeliers and table lamps

Shabby chic chandeliers and table lamps feature crystals, glass or fabric lamp shades and soft base shapes. Lighting fixtures in soft pastel colors or classy black, white and gray tones that look elegant, gentle and nostalgic are great shabby chic decorating ideas.

Shabby chic accessories in silver, old photograph and candle holders for adding antique charm to shabby chic interiors

Shabby chic decorating style has its unique character. If you like to live in an atmosphere full of memories, then creating shabby chic interiors in your home that are calming, light and beautiful is the right interior decorating choice for you. Shabby chic decorating will help you achieve the emotional balance, gain harmony, feel secure and enjoy the charming details of the past.

  by Ena Russ   

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