Feng Shui Colors for Interior Design and Decor, Yellow Color Shades

yellow paint for living room design

Yellow paint and white living room furniture


According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, color is important for inviting wealth, health and good mood into your life. The right choice and amount of Feng Shui color not only enhance exterior and interior design and decor, but give a meaning to design and decorating, inviting prosperity, love and good luck into your home.

Yellow colors come in many different shades and values. All yellow color shades, but especially golden colors, are symbolize harmony, prosperity, positive changes and success. Wall paint, wallpaper patterns and home decorations in yellow color shades bring sunshine and energy, which warms interior design and decor and create happy mood, improving your life.

According to Chinese Feng Shui color theory, yellow colors are a symbol of joy and peace, Yellow color shades help fight depression and low mood, and charge people, creating a desire to move forward. Yellow color has the ability to revitalize the endocrine system, stimulate brain, accumulate creative growth and improve thinking and problem solving process.

Yellow color to Feng Shui home interiors

Dining room decorating with light yellow color shades, yellow wall paint and candles

Yellow color shades look beautiful for any interior design and decor. Yellow colors dramatically change the way room decor feel, creating bright living spaces that help develop self-confidence and life-affirming leadership position.

Golden colors

Golden colors are about human vitality and optimism. Soft golden colors activate the energy floating through your home interiors, bringing financial improvements, well-being, prosperity and professional recognition. Golden colors restore physical and mental health.

Black and yellow pillows, living room furniture upholstery fabric in light yellow color, interior decorating with lemon yellow color

Apricot yellow color shades are popular interior design and decorating colors These yellow color shades are pleasant and cozy. They calm the nervous system and harmonize interior design and decor, creating wonderful color combinations with neutral color tones. Positive and inviting apricot yellow color shades have the ability to guide business negotiations to positive results.

Modern interior decorating with yellow color, cheerful interior decor ideas

Golden yellow decorations and ideas, Christmas decor trends 2012

Lemon yellow color shades

Lemon yellow color is a symbol of purity and youth in Chinese Feng Shui color design. According to ancient Feng Shui teaching, this yellow color remarkably enhances the immune system, lymphatic and circulatory systems. Lemon yellow color shades strengthen resistance to infections and stress.

Yellow paint and white living room furniture

How to use yellow colors to Feng Shui your home interiors

Golden colors are excellent for bringing warm and luxurious accents into your interior design and decor. Cool lemon yellow color is not recommended for bedroom decorating. According to Chinese Feng Shui home decorating masters, cool color shades can destroy intimacy.

Feng Shui home design and decor, Feng Shui colors and Chinese symbols

25 modern bathroom ideas adding sunny accents in yellow color to bathroom design

Feng Shui color design calls for moderate use of these wonderful yellow colors. Lemon yellow color shades are not recommended for bedroom decorating. Orange yellow colors symbolize friendship, joy, openness and sociability. Orange yellow color shades are encouraging and create warm interior design and decor in winter.

Living room decorating with blue-yellow curtains and floor carpet in sunny yellow color

Orange yellow color helps to find friends and partners, stimulates your body, brings vitality and improves appetite. Orange yellow colors are suitable for any interior design and decor, except dining room decorating, if you are on a diet.

Modern kitchen design, yellow wall paint and black and white wooden kitchen cabinets

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