22 Floral Installations and Landscaping Ideas with Mums Celebrating Fall Colors

flower beds, garden decorations and landscaping ideas with chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are beautiful fall flowers. Fall gardens look bright and impressive with these beautiful flowers which are wonderful for art installations and backyard landscaping ideas to celebrate fall colors. Lushome collection of gorgeous photographs invite to enjoy the striking beauty of bright waves created by florists around the world with these fall flowers.

Fresh chrysanthemums make gorgeous yard decorations, add spectacular waves of color to yard landscaping in autumn and allow to enjoy the fall flowers versatility and elegance. Mums come in many colors, small and large sixes and various forms. These fall flowers look fantastic with fall leaves and inspire beautiful flower arrangements and art installations celebrating fall colors.

There are a wide variety of mums for garden design and backyard landscaping. Spider mumsĀ  with long tubular flower petals and hooked ends, lush football mums with cured flower petals, playful pompon mums, which are small and cute, can bring white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, orange and red colors and compliment gardens that delight people with bright fall leaves.

Topiary art adding gorgeous yard decorations to backyard designs

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Fall garden decorations created with mums

Garden design with mums, fall yard landscaping ideas celebrating bright fall colors

Perennial chrysanthemums are native to Oriental Asia and Russia. Annual mums are native to the Mediterranean. Perennial chrysanthemums are edible flowers. Chinese herbalists boiled the flower roots for a headache remedy, used them for food decoration, ate these beautiful flowers in salads, and brewed leaves to make a herbalĀ  tea.

Today people in Russia and Ukraine celebrate festivals of chrysanthemums, and the Japanese have a National Chrysanthemum Day, known as the Festival of Happiness.

Flower arrangements and garden decorations created with mums

Mums are unique and beautiful flowers, very easy to work with and growing. Mums flower arrangements look great with gourds and pumpkins, make spectacular yards decorations and bring colorful and fresh fall decor accents into homes.

22 beautiful yard decorations created with mums

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Fresh flower arrangements with mums are bright and fragrant. the combinations of mums in white, pink, purple, yellow, orange and red colors are striking and fascinating. These beautiful flowers are wonderful for gift bouquets and art installations, creating colorful flower beds and accentuating yard landscaping.

Creative garden decorations designed with mums

Mums are versatile flowering plants, suitable for large and small spaces, containers and flower beds. Single flowering plants look very attractive and can be used as bright accents, while a few mums planted together create stunning waves of color that beautify garden design and backyard landscaping, and look very spectacular with colorful fall leaves.

Yard landscaping with colorful mums
Art works and flower installations made with mums, fall flowers in yellow and deep red colors, floral installation created for chrysanthemums festival in Russia
Colorful landscaping ideas with mums in white and deep red colors
Fall flower arrangements and floral installations, chrysanthemums festival in Ukraine
Mums used for colorful flower bed edging
Beautiful fall flowers for yard landscaping
Floral installations and garden decorations designed with mums, chrysanthemums festival in Sevastopol, Crimea
Colorful landscaping ideas, mums in white and purple colors
Floral installations and garden decorations created with mums in yellow and deep red colors
Floral installations with mums, Japan
Autumn garden with bright chrysanthemums

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