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geometric floor decoration with tiles

Colorful flooring ideas, geometric tiles


This boutique hotel in Milan provides contemporary living spaces designed for creative explorers. Modern rooms offer stylish and inspiring interior design ideas blending the latest with a mid-century vibe. Open, functional, bright room design and natural wood used throughout the CasaBase hotel create comfortable interiors that make visitors feel at home.

The modern interior design by Stella Orsini of h+ offer lots of inspirations. The designer solutions can work for minimalist bedroom designs, teenage bedroom decorating, and creating mid-century modern living rooms that are functional, stylish, and elegant.

Living room design, mid-century modern furniture

All fans of vintage furniture in the mid-century modern style will get inspired by attractive home furnishings and original pieces which mixed in an elegantly simple way to create these beautiful interior design.

Bright kitchen design and bold accents, elegant spaces with a mid-century modern vibe

20 modern interior design ideas reviving the mid-century homes

White colors and wood, modern interior design ideas for mid-century homes

Inspiring, modern ideas

Wooden furniture, table, chairs, shelving unit
Colorful flooring ideas, geometric tiles
Functional minimalist bedroom design
Wood bedside table, stool
Window sill table and chairs
Reading nook in the corner with the space-saving wall-mounted lamp
Modern bathroom design ideas for small spaces

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