Modern Furniture Design Presentation, Art Installations by Brazilian Designers

bedroom decor and interior decorating ideas, antique door and vintage car in pink color

Vintage door and pink car for bedroom furniture and decorating presentation


Modern furniture presentation could be more interesting than actual products companies sell. These unusual, impressive and very artistic presentation of modern furniture is created by Brazilian architects and designers. from Florence and Albus Design.

The art installations demonstrate new furniture design and interior decorating ideas in a unique, amazing and amusing style. The collection of modern furniture is flexible and versatile, suitable for different rooms and lifestyles.

The modern furniture items blend neutral design with stylish interior decorating ideas and room colors, creating versatile interiors that can be adapted for many interior design styles and personalized for any interior decorating themes.

Interior decorating installations for modern furniture design presentation

Modern furniture design presentation

Art installations are contemporary ways of modern furniture presentation that allows viewers to imagine various images and lifestyles, and create meaningful associations that are personal and intimate for incorporating into their home decor.

Creative and spectacular modern furniture design installations use familiar symbols to show the versatility of items and interior decorating ideas, offering innovative and unexpected combinations to incorporate into modern homes.

Vintage door and pink car for bedroom furniture and decorating presentation
Interior decorating installations

Creative art installations

Family Chairs in Knitted Clothes, modern furniture design presentation

The art of interior design, the future of furniture design

Panton Chair contest winners

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