Modern Color Palette, Interior Trends 2023

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Bright interior colors, orange wall paint, vibrant ceiling design



Beautiful interior trends bring a modern color palette for exciting and fresh designs. Being bright is modern. The year 2023 delights with vibrant room colors and celebrates delicate pastels. Everyone can find gorgeous hues for home decorating, as the latest trends in color design provide a broad spectrum of creative opportunities for personalizing modern interiors. Lushome presents a top modern color palette for your home decorating endeavors to create comfortable, elegant, and stylish spaces.

Viva Magenta is Pantone’s color of the year, while black, white, and eye-catching shades create a beautiful modern color palette for interior design and home decorating in 2023. Vibrant, light, deep hues and a neutral color palette are a great chance to create one-of-a-kind, energetic, and comfortable modern interiors.
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Raspberry Blush; modern interior colors for home decorating

Modern color trends 2023

Current color trends, magenta pink


Green colors are favorites among color trends in 2023. Light and dark green colors create fantastic color schemes with neutral tones and blue colors. Black, gray, and beige make greens look rich and exciting. Light green colors work well with grayish blues, pink, and purple pastels.

Olive green color, modern bedroom design idea

Olive green is a fabulous green shade. Close to a neutral color scheme, the olive color combines stylish interior design with neutral tones and trendy bright shades like pink, orange, and bright red.

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Blue colors

Classy blue tones are timelessly elegant, modern color trends. Bright and diluted blue-gray color tones are stylish color design choices for 2023. We can use the blue color in monochrome color schemes in combination with any shade, from neutral to the brightest. The beautiful light blue colors come in several stylish shades, like rich, bright blue, blue with a gray undertone, and blue with a touch of mint.

Blue room colors, modern furniture, golden accents


Passionate red adds bright, rich, sensual accents to stylish home interiors. Red accents are versatile and suitable for all modern interiors. The color fits perfectly into various design solutions, mixing with neutral tones and bright shades. We can use red decorative accessories and fabric patterns with red accents to add personality and stylish touch to modern interior design and home decorating.

Orange and red colors for modern home decorating


A gorgeous palette of delicate pink shades, like powdery, pale pink, and peach, makes one of the interior trends of 2023. These shades are refreshing, youthful, and romantic. Pink accents and home furnishings combine well with whites, grayish-blue tones, deep blues, and soft purple colors. Bright fuchsia shades are triumphantly returning to interior design and home decorating. Energetic and stylish colors beautify modern interiors in exciting and elegant combinations with black, dark gray, and denim blues.

Pink and off-whites, modern interior colors for home decorating

Orange colors

Cheerful orange shades perfectly fit into modern interiors and add a juicy touch to interior trends in 2023. Bright colors go well with all neutral color tones and create natural color schemes with greens. Also, the orange color works with calm and comfortable beige and brown colors.

Modern room colors, orange with blue


Yellow colors are sunny additions to quiet color schemes. Interior trends abandon neon hues, bringing noble shades like deep yellow, amber, and golden. Yellow colors work well with gray tones, all green colors, blues, and brown color shades. Also, yellow combines with red, orange, and pink hues.

Modern living room with yellow accents

Brown colors

Browns are versatile color design trends that fit any interior design and home decorating project. Warm and light brown colors, especially with a gray undertone, look very stylish. Browns can create monochrome looks and add comfort to bright color combinations.

Green and brown colors, modern interior trends


Tender off-whites are modern interior trends offering beautiful alternatives to stylish pinks. Off-white color, like vanilla, looks spectacular in interior design that combines gray, blue, olive, or brown colors. To create a dynamic and bright interior design and refresh home decorating, you can add off-whites and bright shades to your decorating color schemes.

Modern interior design color trends, green wall paint, off-white furniture, decor accessories
Bright interior colors, orange wall paint, vibrant ceiling design

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