Modern Chests and Night Tables in Unbuttoned Shirts, Creative Storage Furniture Design

unique furniture for storage with unbuttoned button detail
Unique furniture for storage with unbuttoned button detail



Chests and night tables dressed in unbutton shirts look fresh, interesting and creative. These functional storage furniture pieces are turned into artistic works with the unusual and creative detail. Lushome presents the chests and night tables that look flirty and playful, bringing unique furniture design, color and surprising element into modern interior decorating.

Creative storage furniture pieces are attractive and versatile. These chests and bed side tables will look great in master bedrooms and kids rooms. Wooden texture, pleasant colors and unique furniture design make these chests and night tables fit perfectly into modern interiors.

Designer Cristina Bulat got inspired by the passionate charm and playful images of pin up models on posters. Creating these modern tables chests she adorned frankly dressed women and men. Unbuttoned shirts added a playful and provocative details to her furniture design.

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Storage furniture in unbutton shirts

Unique furniture for storage with unbuttoned button detail

All items of the collection are made reflecting Scandinavian design trends. Rounded edges, soft curves and ergonomic shapes are combined with light wood colors and bright accents, creating very attractive and original modern furniture pieces for interior decorating with a contemporary vibe.

The modern furniture pieces look informal and relaxing like shirts with unbutton color buttons and point buttons. The unique furniture design looks cute and comfortable, creating pleasant and homey atmosphere, reminding of that conventional wisdom which dictates that you leave the house with your point buttons buttoned.

Original designer furniture by Cristina Bulat

These unusual storage furniture pieces are functional and original. perfect for light-hearted interior decorating, associating with fun and excitement.

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