Mid Century Modern Home Interiors, Design and Decor Ideas in Retro Styles

metal decorative vases wall decorations
Mid-century modern home decorations, wall mirrors, metal vases

The mid-century modern style can give a nostalgic feel and a classy touch to your home interiors and enhance your dwelling with the ingenious architectural designs of the 50s and 60s. Contemporary design ideas of the past that looked futuristic in the last century can enhance modern interiors today, blending classic mid-century modern accents and furnishings in retro styles of the 50s and 60s with a new design and furnishings.

Mid-century modern homes are unique, functional, comfortable. For numerous good reasons, these homes are desirable treasures. A mid-century architectural dream home is customized and eco-friendly. If you like the look of mid-century modern homes, interiors, yards, and exterior designs, here are modern ideas and clever ways to take your home back in time.

Mixing vintage furniture and accessories with modern room decorating ideas

Beautiful mid-century modern home interiors

Mid-century interior trends in home decorating

Interior design and decorating ideas in retro styles

Wood in modern interiors and beautiful ideas for decorating with glass

1. Solid wood

Wood takes center stage in mid-century modern homes. Stylish furnishings of the 50s and 60s, architectural elements, and lighting fixtures add gorgeous masterpieces to house design and decorating. Beautiful oak, teak, walnut, rosewood furnishings, exposed ceiling beams, room dividers, and window designs nod to this style.

Mid-century modern home redesign, wood textures, white colors

Bright kitchen design, addition with a mid-century modern vibe

Modern interior design ideas reviving the retro styles

2. Interior design layouts

Open floor plans that create airy interiors in mid-century modern homes are great ideas for a contemporary lifestyle.  A fireplace centered in the middle of the living room and original room dividers shout mid-century modern style.

Open layouts of the mid-century modern homes

3. Lighting fixtures

Unique pendant lights, functional floor lamps, and dazzling ceiling fixtures in mid-century modern style look like contemporary sculptural artworks.

Wooden wall paneling, dining furniture, artichoke lights, mid-century modern interior design

4. White paint colors

Mid-century homes show beautiful contrasts of natural wood and white wall paint colors and offer a simple interior design solution for walls. White decorating ideas are excellent for displaying high-quality room furniture, unique decor accessories, and original artworks.

White wall paint color, blue artwork, wooden dining furniture

5. Mid-century modern wallpaper

An accent wall design with mid-century modern wallpaper can give a touch of glamour to your room decorating. Bold graphics and geometric decorations patterns are ideal for modern walls in retro styles.

White wall paint color and red wallpaper with mid-century pattern, wood furniture, living room design

6. Room furniture and decor accessories

Something unique and functional in the retro styles can add mid-century flair to your home decorating. Old wooden furniture with clean lines and mid-century legs is excellent for enhancing the mid-century modern style. Geometric or abstract decoration patterns, bold graphic fabrics, and accents in vibrant colors naturally bring retro styles into modern homes.

Mid-century modern home decorating ideas, wood furniture in retro styles of the 50s and 60s

7. Home bar designs

Small home bar designs are a stylish way to bring back the 50s and 60s. Vintage-style glasses and a collection of expensive liquors can move in a wheeled cart around a living room, adding fun to a party.

Metal bar furniture, cart on wheels with glass shelves

8. Mid-century modern kitchens

Post-war years modernized kitchen designs and bring soft curves and futuristic forms inspired by blooming car industries. Mid-century modern kitchen appliances, showing soft curves, balance straight, clean lines of kitchen cabinets. Neutral colors work well with colorful fridges, tableware, and cookware, creating bold and optimistic kitchen designs.

Metal chairs, glass top dining table, kitchen cabinets

9. Wall mirrors, clocks, and neon signs

Wall mirrors and clocks are perfect decor accessories that enhance interior design in any style. Mid-century modern mirrors and clocks give a metallic touch to interior decorating, reflecting light into a room, while neon signs look adventurous and fun.

Mid-century modern home decorations, wall mirrors, metal vases

10. Unique accents

Artworks, colored plastic panels, original decorative screens, carved wood or metal room dividers, door decorations in mid-century modern style make a big statement in functional and comfortable homes. Artistic metal wall plaques or one large painting give character to modern interiors and enhance room decorating with retro styles vibe. The artistry and functionality of architectural designs of that time keep the mid-century style alive.

Stylish decorative screen, unique decor accessories in retro styles

Mid-century modern home interiors

Glass lighting fixtures in retro styles of the 50s and 60s
Mid-century modern brick fireplace design, living room furniture, floor lamp
Mid-century modern interior design, decorative room dividers, metal, wood

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