How to Mix Vintage Style Furnishings into Modern Room Decorating

dark room colors
Beautiful room decorating with vintage decor, neon lights, and dark colors



Vintage-style furniture and decor accessories are perfect for integrating with modern interior design ideas. If you find retro-modern home furnishings, classic pieces, or items in the 80s style, feel lucky and bring them home. It is stylish to blend old and new and give an old-world flavor to contemporary interior design. Here is the Lushome collection of room decorating ideas that integrate old home furnishings into modern interiors. Check it out and get inspired.

When you want to decorate your home with vintage furniture and decora accessories, you need to find a creative and fresh way of using them. Vintage-style furnishings can make a new life in your home interiors, adding a personal touch to modern interior design. The transformations and novelties are the latest trends in decorating homes. Recycling and upcycling projects offer fantastic projects for creating original designs.

Modern furniture in classic style, elegant home interiors

Dining room decorating with traditional furniture and accessories

Contemporary interior design with a mid-century modern vibe

Vintage-style decor in modern interiors

Stylish ideas for small home office design

Turning clutter into treasure require an artistic look at junk. If you like to mix vintage style with modern ideas, look for unique, old things to add to your room decorating. When you need to paint vintage furniture or decor accessory, choose light pastels, black or whites. Refinish wood with light stains and clear oil to show beautiful texture and natural patterns. You can paint old furniture and decor in bright, modern colors or change upholstery fabrics that enhance modern interiors with stylish prints and patterns.

Timelessly elegant bedroom furniture in classic style

Mid-century modern interior trends in decorating

Retro-modern wallpaper patterns, stylish home decorating ideas

By restoring vintage furniture and decor, you can emphasize your personal, unique style and save money on home decorating. DIY projects, recycling, and upcycling ideas are fun activities turning clutter into a treasure that beautifies modern rooms. However, keep the number of old things in your rooms to a minimum. Two-five items are good enough to bring the vintage-style vibe and personalize modern interior decorating.

Vintage furniture, exposed brick wall designs, modern wall tiles, kitchen countertops, dining furniture, wood

How to give a vintage touch to room decorating

1. Suitcases, chests, and storage trunks

2. Old newspapers, magazines, posters

3. Vintage wallpaper, wood frames, old mirror frames

Old frames, vintage furniture, modern ideas for room decorating

4. Wool and silk carpets and wall tapestry

5. Colored glass, metal, wood lighting fixtures in vintage style

6. Glass jars, shapely bottles, metal boxes, ceramic figurines, vintage vases

Vintage decor accessories, classic dining furniture, exposed brick wall design

7. Lace, embroidery, knits, and crochet designs

8. Wood furniture, including antiques, mid-century modern furniture, furnishings in the 80s style

Mid-century modern living room furniture, fireplace, bookshelves
Traditional home decorations, floral designs in white-painted wood furniture in vintage style
Ideas to reuse and recycle vintage furniture for modern interior decorating
Unique wall decorations, reclaimed-wood storage rack with black hooks in vintage style
Beautiful room decorating with vintage decor, neon lights, and dark colors

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