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contemporary tv wall units from aslda fre

Living rooms furniture from ALF are luxurious and comfortable, providing convenient storage and creating stylish living room interiors for modern homes in contemporary style. Elegant furniture from Italian manufacturers are ideal for multifunctional modern living room interiors. Attractive European furniture style looks great with existing living room designs and interior decorating in traditional or contemporary style and increases the appeal of home staging for sale.

Living rooms furniture from Alf+Da Fre, offers a lot of stylish space for storage, especially important in small homes and for clutter free apartment decorating. Convenient storage ideas are modern living room design trends, that people will like in 2012 also. Practical storage ideas, brought into contemporary living rooms designs, create clutter free, organized and pleasant modern homes, increasing the living space, organizing modern interior design and promoting stress free lifestyle.

Alf+Da Fre is one of Italian furniture manufacturers of Eurioean furniture design group ALF. The company is innovative and creative, constantly improving modern furniture design ideas and paying attention to the detail. Contemporary furniture from ALF and modern living room interiors, showed at European furniture ehxibitions, makes strong statements and demonstrate new contemporary furniture design trends for modern living rooms designs.

Living room design trends

Room decorating with contemporary Arc floor lamps

Interior design trends 2012, comfortable chic decorating ideas

Living rooms furniture from Alf+Da Fre

Contemporary furniture design from the Italian manufacturer bring high quality materials and new technologies into modern living room interiors, offering flexibility, creative modern furniture design ideas and reasonable prices to the customers. Simple furniture design of L’Ego collection demonstrates the variety of choices for making your living room design very personal, but practical and stylish.

Functional and elegant furniture from Italian designers is a great investment that adds more comfort and character to your home interior decorating or helps sell your house faster, increasing living room design appeal.

Modern living rooms furniture design ideas from Italy allows to make your home interiors spacious and airy with just few modern furniture items, or functional and comfortable with more furniture in the living room.

Modern living room furniture design trends 2012 from Italian designers

1. Rotating panel VISUAL for TV allows to create more comfortable seating zone in your living room, demonstrating practical and comfortable furniture design trends 2012.

Large bookcase, sliding bookcases and shelves

2. Space saving storage system TV-Element adds convenient storage solutions for DVDs to your living room design.

Space saving decorating, functional furniture design for small spaces

3. Modular furniture element Free Standing add attractive contemporary forms to living rooms designs, allowing to separate the TV zone and create modern living room interiors.

Modern sectional furniture design, Free Flow sofa

Modular shelving, wall decorating ideas

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