Kitchen Lights, 10 Functional Kitchen Light Ideas for Shelves and Cabinets Drawers

kitchen light ideas for storage shelves and drawers


Modern kitchen lights are an important part of proper kitchen organization and its attractive decorating. Functional kitchen lights are decorative also. Modern kitchen light fixtures make functional kitchen interiors more comfortable and pleasant, creating beautiful and cozy spaces to enjoy.

New materials and contemporary technologies offer beautiful and functional kitchen lights. Halogen, fluorescent and LED kitchen lights add charming touches to modern kitchen interiors. Each of kitchen light fixtures has its advantages, and a variety of shapes and sizes of kitchen lights offer the customers great opportunities to find the best kitchen light ideas for every home.

Look for unusual spots to place kitchen lights. Creative kitchen light ideas make kitchen interiors look unique and personal. Lit kitchen shelves on the wall and add small lights to cabinets drawers that bring functional and elegant glowing light into your modern kitchen decor and make it safe and comfortable.

Kitchen shelves with light fixtures

Modern kitchen shelves and drawers with light fixtures

Attractive and stylish, energy saving LED kitchen light fixtures make kitchen shelves and cabinets drawers look picture perfect. Wall tiles with LED lights help to find anything you need quicker and add contemporary feel to kitchen interiors.

Lit at night kitchen wall tiles, open kitchen cabinets, shelves or niches look gorgeous. Kitchen shelves, decorated with attractive china collections, oil or wine bottles and colorful food in glass jars, add coziness to modern kitchen interiors and create relaxing mood.

LED kitchen lights for drawers

You can create dried herb and flower arrangements on kitchen shelves to add Mediterranean flavor and charm to the functional space. A beautiful small wreath, made of dried wildflowers and fruits, abasket with apples complete the decorative composition.

Home decorating with custom made eco lamps

Glowing light ideas from the ocean floor

Fridge door decorating and organization

Fridges look like dark boxes at night. Strategically placed kitchen light fixtures can highlight fridge door decorating. Bright floral prints, fruits and vegetables theme for fridge door decorating is a modern trend.

Creative kitchen light ideas, modern kitchen lights above cabinets

Also you can reorganize fridge shelvesand keep some fruits and vegetables on kitchen shelves for healthier food storage and eco friendly kitchen decorating.

Kichen fridge decorating

Fridge door decorating ideas, vinyl stickers

Wicker baskets allow food to breath. Kitchen shelves, decorated with baskets, olive oil or wine bottles and modern kitchen light fixtures are perfect for eco friendly kitchen decorating.

Modern kitchen shelves with light fixtures

Modern kitchen lights will hilight bowls with food, sorted by color and kept on kitchen shelves on the wall or cooler shelves that are seen through the glass doors, adding more color to kitchen decor at night.

Kitchen light designs for coffee lovers

Modern kitchen design trends, redesigning kitchen interiors

Modern kitchen light ideas for shelves and drawers

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