Italian Kitchen Design, Contemporary Kitchen HD23 by Massimo Castagna

contemporary kitchen in high tech style

Contemporary kitchen in minimalist interior style from Italian designers


Italian kitchen design offer modern kitchen cabinets ad appliances in various styles. Italian designer Massimo Castagna created a contemporary kitchen in high tech style for Italian kitchen manufacturer Rossana.

The modular kitchen design offers the freedom of creating personal, comfortable and stylish kitchen interiors in accordance with the customer taste and preferences. Modular kitchen cabinets from Rossana, give a chance to design a dream kitchen in every home.

Modular kitchen cabinets, wisely designed kitchen appliances and accessories can be combined in many different combinations, allowing to creae beautiful and functional kitchen interiors and fit furniture into your space, meeting your family needs.

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Italian kitchen design with modular furniture

Italian kitchen design from Rossana, contemporary kitchen in high tech style with modular furniture

According to the manufacturer, modular kitchen cabinets that create contemporary kitchen HD23 in high tech style is easy to play with. Designing your dream kitchen feels like a game with LEGO pieces which comprise the desired composition.

The absence of traditional decorative elements make modular kitchen design versatile and fun to create. The neutral color palette that includes light gray, silver, creamy white shades and wooden brown color tones, creates an excellent background for modern kitchen interior decorating with bold accents.

Contemporary kitchen in minimalist interior style from Italian designers

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The ultra-modern high-gloss finish and combination of wooden and metal surfaces look gorgeous, bringing luxurious minimalist style into contemporary kitchen design and reflecting latest trends in modern interior design.

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Minimalist kitchen, modern kitchen designs in minimalist style

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  last updated: 21.10.2016


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