Black and White Modern Kitchen Design by Sublime Architectural Interiors

modern kitchen interior with dining furniture
Modern kitchen cabinets in white color and dark dining furniture



Modern kitchen design for Bushland Retreat, developed by Sublime Architectural Interiors, is one of the best Australian kitchen design projects. Kim Duffin, the principal of the architectural and design firm, won the 2011 KBDI Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year Award with this modern kitchen project.

This home is located backing on to a natural Brisbane bushland reserve and was designed to take in all the advantages that this unique location can provide to city living. The kitchen was one of the key spaces. Modern kitchen design was completed very early in the overall home designing process.

The clients wanted something that would not only enhance the building architecture, but their lifestyle as well. They wanted a modern kitchen that would act as a centre point for all activities. It was important for modern kitchen design to be innovative and functional to help carry the occupants through their busy daily schedules while becoming the entertainer’s kitchen on weekends.

White kitchen cabinets and black-n-white kitchen island design

Black and white kitchen island, modern kitchens from Australian architects and interior designers

Relying on the natural beauty that surrounds this home, modern kitchen design incorporated the glass splashback as the canvas to showcase the house exterior colors and bring the nature in. A custom designed graphic was used to bring the vines and bush flowers that surround the home into modern kitchen design.

Simple kitchen colors and a natural tones palette were highlighted with textured wood grain laminated suspended ceiling that runs the full length of the kitchen and extends out to over the outdoor kitchen as well. The textured wood grain laminate was used in the floating feature shelves, suspended in the glass splashback with steel supports, and in the storage box at the front of the island bench.

Modern kitchen cabinets in white color and dark dining furniture

This materials keeps the elements of modern kitchen design, both inside and out, connected. This connection remains strong with the use of the aluminium channelling throughout the cabinets and on the door panels. This channel adds an attractive accent to kitchen design that draws the eye in and around the kitchen interior and out to the deck.

Kitchen designs with modern fashion attitude

Modern kitchen design, simple and sleek masterpieces

The key zone is area, designed for food storage, preparation and clean up. The clients wanted to segregate these tasks from the presentation part of the kitchen interior, but did not want to be doing the washing up in a back room.

Modern kitchen interior with white cabinets and stylish lighting in contemporary style

Soft close drawers, inner drawers and contemporary lift system doors to overhead cupboards, were used throughout the space for easy access to utensils, cutlery, plates and other kitchen items, creatng functional, comfortable and modern kitchen design which maximises the usage of available space and increases the overall ergonomics of contemporary kitchen interior.

Modern kitchen cabinets, black, white and brown color schemes

Modern kitchen color trends, elegant white kitchens

The kitchen island is another key feature of this kitchen design, which houses a customised stainless steel sink and fully integrated dishwasher. The right height and width of the kitchen island help create a comfortable dining area. Luxurious marble piece is used at the end of the island, supported by two mirror finished stainless steel columns, creating an illusion of floating kitchen island and increasing the kitchen interior visually.

White kitchen cabinets, black ceiling panel with contemporary lighting and glass window

Kitchen appliances were grouped together and placed within easy reach. Contemporary kitchen appliances help retain the overall minimalist feel of contemporary kitchen design.

10 modern kitchen design trends

Kitchen decorating and design trends

Lighting has been applied extensively throughout the indoor and outdoor kitchen spaces, giving home interiors a luminescent appeal. LED lights running above the laminate ceiling and extending to the shelving create bright and stylish kitchen interiors.

Black and white kitchen colors, modern lighting with LED lights

The LED lights are used for accenting the kitchen island bench and floating box at the front of the kitchen. Under cabinet LED lights are also used to create sufficient task lighting, adding comfort to the working area in the kitchen. Glass pendants ver the kitchen island bench create adequate lighting for cooking.

Thinking outside the box is the hallmark of Sublime Architectural Interiors, and it is reflected in their kitchen design ideas that allow to turn meal preparation into a special event with guests, enjoying the social interaction and beautiful, comfortable and modern kitchen interior design.

  by Ena Russ   

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