Interior Decorating with Cacti and Good Feng Shui

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feng shui and decorating with succulents

Good Feng Shui placement idea, decorating staircase with cacti in attractive pots


Spiky plants brighten up interior decorating bring beautiful contrasts and unusual accents into homes. Decorating with desert plants looks original and stylish. These plants feature simple, almost geometric forms which make them suitable for any room decorating style. They look beautiful with other house plants and all natural materials, wood, rocks, sand, glass, metal. Cacti are perfect, attractive, and cheap decorations that bring an eco vibe to modern interior decorating.

The small plants grow in terra cotta pots and glass terrariums, creating fabulous table decorations and centerpieces for shelves, desks, and window sills. Cactus plants and succulents collect moisture, and the circulating water helps Feng Shui interior decorating, attract wealth, health, and luck, ancient Feng Shui experts say. Although the spikes radiate negative energy, the cactus plants are beautiful Feng Shui cures that help harmonize an interior decorating.

Feng Shui tips for decorating with cacti

Wooden planters with house plants, corner placement idea

These plants have an amazing ability to collect and radiate energy into space. Consistently receiving negative energy directed towards a person causes tiredness, strife, and discord. The right spot for a plant with spikes is necessary to find to Feng Shui a house, room or office desk. Good Feng Shui placement of cactus plants protects people from the harmful energy that cactus spikes radiate in all directions.

Cactus plants and Feng Shui decorating

Eco-friendly plants that clean the air

Yin energy slowly circulates inside of the succulents in the form of absorbed water. The water flow helps Feng Shui the house. Also, cactus spikes shoot negative energy. Good Feng Shui placement of cactus plants is crucial for creating an energetically balanced, pleasant, and energizing interiors for people and pets.

Dining room decorating ideas, colorful floor, red planter with cactus, glass with large green leaves, blue and yellow pillows

There are a few smart, easy, attractive ways to protect people from the negative energy rays coming from the cactus spines. Bright interior decorating ideas, good Feng Shui placement of cacti, and proper care for these plants harmonize rooms, create a pleasant and balanced environment, enhance interiors and Feng Shui a home for wealth.

Good Feng Shui colors and Chinese symbols for home decorating

Green home decor miniatures, unique planters, table decorations

Good Feng Shui placement of cactus plants

Cacti and house plants with round leaves

1. Placing cacti beside other house plants with large round leaves is an excellent idea.

2. You can combine a few prickly plants in one pot and disperse the negative energy.

Attractive pot stands, various cactus plants

3. Placement of the plants on different height, on shelves or staircase steps, allow decreasing the power of the spikes also.

Good Feng Shui placement idea, decorating staircase with cacti in attractive pots

4. Surrounding a prickly plant with round leaves of other house plants is a perfect idea.

Spikes and leaves, creative planters

5. Glass terrariums, tall or wide glass vases are fabulous ways to grow cactus plants and decrease the power of their spikes.

Glass ball with various cactus plants

6. Fresh flowers are a simple and beautiful solution for neutralizing negative energy coming from the spines.

Flowers, succulents, cacti, table decoration idea

Decorating with cactus plants

Recycling old shoes for decorating with plants and flowers

How to Feng Shui corner furniture

Most cacti bloom in January, so fall and winter months before Chinese New Year celebrations in February are the best time to decorate with these house plants. Healthy plants are beautiful Feng Shui cures and eco-friendly, cheap decorations for modern homes.

Flowering plants, cactus with white flowers
Window decorating with small cacti and red flower

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