Interior Decorating with Houseplants, Beautiful DIY Ideas for Green Accents

wooden stool plant holder

Original pot holder, wooden stool

Houseplants are beautiful, eco-friendly decorative accessories that you can turn into original and stylish centerpieces. Check out the Lushome collection of creative ways to make the decorations with indoor plants. Your houseplants deserve some design love and attention to add a Green vibe to your home interiors and accentuate your interiors in style. There are numerous DIY ideas for home decorating with plants that increase the appeal of your greenery. Choose what you like and steal the look.

You can combine houseplants with green wallpaper patterns, green and white wall paint colors for a fresh and modern look. You can arrange indoor plants beside the wall with floral prints and artworks inspired by nature. From macrame pot holders to original planters and wooden stools transformed into plant holders, you can find many DIY ideas for your creative interior decorating with houseplants.

Staircase decoration with a plant and a black cat

Houseplants trends in decorating

Modern interior decorating with care-free indoor plants, cheap Green decorations

How to fill modern interiors with beautiful houseplants

Houseplants, efficient air filters, stylish decorative accessories in modern interiors

Green decor ideas, never-ending trends in decorating with indoor plants

Top current trends in decorating Green style

Create table centerpieces with driftwood pieces and succulents, or hang your indoor plants, or display them on a modern shelf, table, and an antique bench. Decorate with plants your side tables or make a statement with a unique house sign design. Greenery looks beautiful in every room, on tables, walls, floors, furniture, and window seals. Houseplants are the beautiful latest trends in decorating, which bring more style and eco-chic into modern homes.

Green table centerpiece idea
Green ideas for interior decorating, plants, green wall paint, white macrame wall decoration
Original pot holder, wooden stool
Original bathroom floor mat
Creating contrasts, gray wall paint, houseplants
Miniature vertical garden with succulents, stylish wall decoration
White living room furniture and Green accents
Small plants on a wooden bench, black-n-white wall art
Houseplants in wooden boxes, original decorative accessories
Green leaves wall art

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