Green Decor Ideas, Never Ending Trends in Decorating Modern Interiors with Plants

shelf decoration with flowering plants and vases

Wood shelving, ceramic vases, flowering plants

Houseplants are one of the never ending trends in decorating. Green leaves are fantastic, beautiful and cheap ideas adding freshness and elegance to modern interiors. Greenery breathes life in minimalist rooms, and emphasize Green design of home homes, and change an atmosphere in traditional living spaces. Houseplants are functional and decorative accessories with a universal appeal. They clean the air and decrease noise. Plants soften color schemes and beautifully decorate empty spaces.

Here are tips for modern decorating with plants. The Lushome collection of ideas demonstrates the beautiful trend. Check out it to see a few stylish ways of adding planters to modern interiors and find the best solutions for decorating your home. Inexpensive, widely available, and beautiful houseplants have the power to change the look and feel of your rooms while creating the healthy environments and harmony in your living spaces.

Hanging houseplants, vertical decorating with indoor plants

Modern ideas for decorating with houseplants

Shiny metal planter with succulents, log table, upholstered chair
Interior decorating with houseplants

Traditional planters and original containers, ceramic, wood or metal are perfect for displaying indoor plants. Single Green accents and grouped pots with houseplants offer numerous creative ways to use Green decor for refreshing and styling interiors.

Great houseplants for decorating small apartments and homes

How to decorate your kitchen with green plants and save money

Houseplants, cheap air filters, and colorful decorative accents

1. Floor decoration

Large floor planters are one of the traditional trends in decorating with houseplants. These eye-catching decorative accessories add texture, color, and beautiful shapes to modern interiors. Also, they are fantastic for filling up the empty spaces, balancing and harmonizing the interior design.

Contemporary kitchen design, interior decorating with houseplants

Plants growing from the floor and glass enclosures with trees framed by landscaping rocks are modern ideas that give a contemporary look and spacious feel to spectacular architectural interiors.

High ceiling, wood staircase design, rock bed with trees

2. Vertical garden designs

Green decor systems create fabulous accent walls mixing small plants and moss.

Interior decorating with plants, vertical garden design idea
Green wall design

3. Accent houseplants

Houseplants are perfect wall decorations. Also, Green decor looks beautiful on shelves. Hanging pots and wall-mounted planters make gorgeous Green home decorations, perfect for accentuating neutral interior decorating color schemes.

Dining room with giant cacti, accent plants for interior decorating
Decorative red planters

4. Horizontal lines

Window sills and tables decorated with plants are straightforward, but elegant and modern ideas. Strategically placed green plants create beautiful Green lines which transform rooms, make them feel spacious and harmonious. Houseplants placed on various horizontal surfaces create a stunning effect of green, peaceful spaces.

Beautiful dining room decorating with flowers and plants
Antique wooden bench with houseplants in terra-cotta planters

5. Decorative vases with flowers and plants

Beautiful flowers and houseplants in decorative vases are great accents that enhance interior design. Skillfully arranged compositions, hanging planters, and green displays add unique Green accents to room decorating, personalize modern interiors, and give a fresh vibe to the spaces.

Attractive sphere-shaped planter, decorating with plants to blend home interiors with beautiful natural surroundings
Wood shelving, ceramic vases, flowering plants

6. Growing edible herbs

Herbs are excellent houseplants for kitchen decorating. A miniature garden or just a small decorative vase with leaves of lettuce, edible herbs in attractive planters create lovely accents and add beautiful green colors to kitchen designs.

Growing edible herbs in colorful planters
Windowsill garden, ceramic planters for growing edible herbs

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