Hobbit Tree House, Design Bringing Fantasy into Life

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Round door, Hobbit treehouse design


Hobbit House design is inspired by the cult trilogy The Lord of the Rings. It is a great rental opportunity for the movie fans. Lushome presents this unique tree house design located in Black Hills, South Dakota, United States. Chateau de Soleil, the House of the Sun and Hobbit tree house are located on 6 acres of beautiful grounds, offering great vacation time.

The exceptional exterior and interior design and decor make this place amazing and unique. The tree house features quality furnishings, themed interior design, and decor envisioned by a professional designer. Located in beautiful Boulder Canyon, the tree house is a perfect spot offering guests the best experiences.

The Hobbit Tree House is for adults and kids. A 5-foot round door adds a unique look to the tree house design. The Hobbit builders had fantastic imagination on the exterior and interior design, creating impressive living spaces to amaze the guests.

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Hobbit tree house design

Round door, Hobbit treehouse design

Its interior design an decor allow visitors to feel the spirit of Middle-earth. The overall color scheme of the interior and unique details surprise and delight the fans, blending functionality with themed decorations.

You can visit and even stay overnight at the Lodge Hobbit treehouse located next to the villa Chateau De Soleil to appreciate the unique interiors and atmosphere.

Themed interior design inspired by hobbits homes

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