Green Ideas for Modern Wall Decoration, Original Vertical Garden Designs

recycling pipes

Unique wall decorations, DIY planters recycling copper pipes


Greenery brings a natural, fresh, and stylish vibe into modern homes. Vertical gardens are one of the most beautiful latest trends in decorating empty walls. Vertical garden designs offer fabulous Green ideas which are inexpensive, space-saving, and impressive. Check out the beautiful garden designs from the Lushome collection. Get inspired to add greenery to your  wall decoration.

Traditional pots with houseplants are excellent Green ideas also. Small houseplants like succulents look beautiful in contemporary planters, ceramic bowls, metal, stone, and glass vases. However, vertical garden designs add a contemporary and creative vibe to modern interiors. The Green ideas can elegantly personalize wall decoration without taking much space. Look for original and novel approaches to Green designs, select the best way of decorating with plants and enjoy your beautiful walls.

22 space-saving ideas for vertical garden designs

Green building wrapped in vertical gardens

Beautiful vertical garden design ideas

Modern wall decoration with plants

Colorful wall decorations, red boxes, planters

A touch of green color and natural texture of plants create a fabulous effect changing an interior design and building beautiful walls. Ceramic planters in a contemporary style and original wall tiles with growing plants are incredible ways to create vertical gardens. Green compositions and displays designed with traditional ceramic pots are perfect ideas for modern wall decoration also.

Green wall decoration with air plants

30 mini garden design ideas

Green wall designs bringing nature into modern home interiors

Recycling is another trend in decorating with plants. Growing houseplants on walls in birdhouses, bird cages, wooden boxes or copper pipes allow adding creative details to the modern interior design. Hanging glass gloves and seashells make surprising and stylish accents personalizing the interior design. Metal boxes and designer tiles for growing plants are contemporary ideas with a universal appeal.

Branches for decorating with plants, vertical garden design with hanging planters

You can hang planters from branches or create spectacular installations with small houseplants. There are no limits to innovative vertical garden design ideas and your creativity.

Unique wall decorations, DIY planters recycling copper pipes
Contemporary installation with plants, original wall decoration idea
Growing plants in bird cages
Berries on walls, mini garden design idea
Wall tile designs with planters for creating blooming vertical gardens
Creative Green decorating with traditional ceramic pots

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