Green Building, Residential Tower of the Cedars Covered in Vertical Gardens

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green architectural designs apartment building with vertical gardens

Eco friendly contemporary architectural designs, the Tower of the Cedars


The Tower of the Cedars is an amazing apartment building covered in trees and shrubs. The impressive vertical garden adds unique character to the architectural design and creates a pleasant environment for people. The aesthetic appeal and functionality are incredible. Lushome presents the innovative, Green building idea to be realized in Switzerland in 2017.

Vertical gardens, rooftop garden designs, and urban farms bring more lush greenery into the major cities. Eco-friendly apartment ideas, combined with Green building exteriors and innovative wall design, beautify the surroundings, provide a healthier environment, and connect urban residents to nature. A skyscraper covered in trees creates a spectacular architecture envisioned by Italian firm Stefano Boeri Architetti.

Evergreen Cedar trees are the stars of the show. The gorgeous plants take a central stage and give a stunning look to this Green building in Lausanne. Covered in 100 cedar trees and 24,000 plants in all, the Tower of the Cedars will have various in size and design apartments on 36 floors.

Green building trend in Turin

Green building ideas, sustainable design of the future

Apartment building with vertical gardens

Green building and vertical gardens, modern apartment ideas

384-foot Tower of the Cedars is a fabulous, high-rise apartment building with trees. Cedar plants bring beautiful nature, provide durability and long lasting properties to the architectural design. Able to withstand all types of weather, attractive and beautiful cedar trees symbolize the modern, innovative, and Green trends in residential architecture.

People will enjoy the soothing effects of vertical gardens and the striking look of the contemporary Green building. The trees and plants improve the air quality in the city by producing oxygen, reduce noise levels, and create the harmonious environment.

Green building in rural-urban style with vertical gardens,

contemporary apartment ideas

Eco-friendly contemporary architectural designs, the Tower of the Cedars
Green balcony designs with vertical gardens

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