Green Building in Rural Urban Style with Spacious Apartments and Private Small Gardens

residential tower with small gardens in spring


Natural Evolution is a green building that reflects the latest trends in sustainable architecture and green building technologies, giving the features of a private house to spacious apartments. This unusual architectural design features several levels, assembled on a vertical axis, and provides comfortable and modern apartments with movable partitions that help quickly change the layout and interior design.

Une Ture D’Habitation is an innovative green building designed with economic use of natural resources in mind. The residential tower exterior design organically blends with the surroundings and improving the appearance of the entire city area by adding small gardens located on large terraces.

The residential tower design is developed by Emmanuel Person, working at Brenac Gonzalez, France, and includes public areas for meeting, rest and entertainment. It offers tenants large contemporary apartments that can be modified and redesigned with convenient movable partitions, giving a feel of private houses.

Green building ideas, green Cast design by Kengo Kuma

Green roof, sustainable architecture and rooftop gardens

Green building exterior design with small gardens of terraces

This green building design in rural-urban style is based on the idea of taking only if we are able to give. Natural Evolution offers alternative eco homes that return to the fundamental concept of individual housing and rehabilitate a fallen icon, – small villages.

Like a village the residential tower Natural Evolution is organized and structured around areas that are meeting places, small squares and children playgrounds.

Residential tower exterior in spring and fall

Natural Evolution has small private gardens and public spaces with trees, bushes and flower beds. Small gardens are located on large private terraces, offering beautiful peaceful outdoor rooms for residents.

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Binishell house designs, green ideas in architectural design in retro style

Small gardens are attractive natural shields, that protect apartments interiors from heat, noise and wind also, creating pleasant outdoor living spaces and interior design.

Spacious apartment with large terraces and small private gardens for rural-urban lifestyle

The green building exterior design follows the rhythm of the seasons. A changing landscape brings gorgeous color shades that match exterior colors of the building in spring, summer and fall.

  by Ena Russ   

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